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Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by pashlispaht, Aug 13, 2008.

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    As my current model approaches completion I have started looking for my next "fix". I am considering building a model of a WWII Elco PT Boat, the type that JFK made famous when his PT-109 was rammed and sunk by a Japanese destroyer. I would like to build a mid-war type which is slightly different in appearance. These boats were originally built of diagonally planked mahogany for the hull and plywood for the deck and superstructure. This would be perfect for the scratch construction method that I developed (see Kahuna Nui thread). The model I plan to build will most likely be 1/48 scale, this will produce a model 20" in length which should be sufficient for all the detail one would want. I have already found hull lines and station profiles but I am doing a last call to ensure that there are not already any American PT boat card models available.
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    Sorry, here is a diagram of what it is that I plan to build.

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    Papermodelstore.com has an Answer 1-100 PT-109 kit.
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    Has anyone seen this model completed? 1/100 scale would be about 10" for this vessel; I am sure that it is possible to scan and enlarge to 1/48 scale, but I don't have a scanner here or a good printer (currently deployed to Iraq). Also, it would have to be a pretty good quality kit, something on the order of a Halinski or new GPM or Digital Navy models.
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    WAK or Answer does one, I cant remember which. Check their sites.

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