Egyptian Gods

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  1. bill516

    bill516 Member

    Does anyone know if therre are any models of Egyptian Gods out there, by Gods I mean Horus, Amun and such Like.

  2. Retired_for_now

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    Have you tried a quick Google? My best searches strategy is to go with what you're looking for [Horus egyptian god] along with ["paper model"] or ["card model"] in quotes. That usually turns up anything that's out there in the first 3-4 pages.

    Also, try a forum search for any relevant posts or old threads.

  3. bill516

    bill516 Member

    Thanks Yogi I've had a quick look and no joy so far but I'll have a better look later when I've got a bit more time.

  4. PID

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  5. bill516

    bill516 Member

    Thanks pid I came across them but I'm looking for something more 'life like' if you get what I mean.

  6. obwand10

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  7. Maico Shark

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    Might be time for a scratch build...After all, the countenance of a god has got to be subjective anyway, unless you're going to copy early sculptures....and those guys never really saw Ra anyway.
  8. bill516

    bill516 Member

    Looks like I may have to get tons better with meta or some such like program.


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