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    The very best would probably be Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop! Second best would likely be GIMP or Inkscape. The latter are FREE programs that are very powerful. I use both depending on the need of the moment. GIMP is a raster (bitmap) based program. Inkscape is a vector program. Look that up on Wikipedia, and you should get a better idea which way you want to go for your project. There are some tutorials out there, but the best way is to ask questions. There are a number of folks here who can help.
    Either program can open PDFs, but you'll likely want to save the file as something else (.xcf for GIMP or .svg for Inkscape) until you finish your redraw.

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    Corel Draw is pretty good too and a lot more common and affordable than the Adobe products.

    IMHO Corel Draw is a little easier to get started with although perhaps not so powerful as Illustrator at the ultimate high-end user level.

    Cannot argue with Photshop. It really is the business!

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    Some vector programs have known to have issues opening pdf, so the safest (and most expensive) bet would be Illustrator ;)
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    The Author can lock or protect a PDF file to prevent users editing the contents. If you have one of these files you could write to the author and ask permission for an open version.

    Alternatively you could scan the printed PDF file and edit the resulting raster file. Not so neat but a practical expedient.

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    :) Oh well if it's a pdf printer then I'd recommend FreePDF... There's many choices though ;)
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    To alpinemike
    I've posted here a small tutorial about repainting using Photoshop, try to look it up in my messages. The main principles apply to GIMP also. I have also started using Gimp. I will try some day to prepare an additional tutorial.
  8. Hey that pdf995 works great, thanks
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    My brother recommended me to use this PDF Creator. I’m totally satisfied with it.
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    This has been extremely useful.

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    Try Foxit PDF Editor :thumb: Faster than Adobe ,specialy for weak PC

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