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    A 90% complete build of an EDF Konigsberg class Patrol Cruiser from Starblazers/Space Cruiser Yamato. Still needs some work (fit problems, missing details, etc...) Sorry for the lousy pix. This model is a good example of why I usually build test shots in white. A couple of misplaced part locations show up a bit too clearly. I also printed this one so long ago that I forgot which sheets were the most recent and made some mistakes as a result. Oh, well, live and learn.

    Scott K.
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    Whar's da pic???
    Duh...Found it!
    Looking good to me!
    Great job buddy!
  3. Alcides

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    Seems to be nice and big

    How big is the model? and a question: What is Starblazer? I see a couple of models but I don't understand. Are spaceships with names of WW2 ships?

    And I really want to see more detailed pictures of the model.

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    The model is a bit over 12"/300mm long. Never heard of Starblazers? That was the US name for Japan's Space Cruiser Yamato. Look here for information; http://www.desslok.com/main.htm For pictures of the ships from the series, look here; http://www.shipschematics.net/yamato/
    More detailed pictures? But then you can see all of the mistakes! :) I'll try to take better ones after I add a few more missing bits to the model.

    Scott K.

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