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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by cecil_severs, Aug 19, 2004.

  1. cecil_severs

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    Just started building this very nice model for the September AMS meeting. The theme is "Aces and Heroes".
  2. blitzbob

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    what a great model coming along real nice. is she's a kit would you mind telling me what make
  3. cecil_severs

    cecil_severs Member

  4. Leif Oh

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    The model was a very nice surprise. Very beautiful textures. Separate tiff. files, which makes scaling easy (without losing any of the original detail). Ample instructions.

    Even if you don't build the whole model, its worth having for parts (e.g. the prop and the engine), plus the aluminium textures.

    Thanks also for the chance to read a little bit about Paul Mantz, on Ed Bertschy's "Paper Steam Engine" site, which has quite a few items beside the beautiful steam engine in paper.

    While I was there I downloaded his model of a cello (no less). It just so happens that I have a wooden model of a cello lying around, purchased last summer and never built. There's been some prodding about finishing that, for display in the living room bookshelf, but I've doubted my ability to accomplish that. Now I could try out a paper version - very nice!

  5. Tonino

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    Hi Cecil,

    how was the meeting?

    Did you finish the baby on time?

    ...and, above all, thanks for the link. I like very much "strange" subjects like those.

    Just downloading the steam engine (do you remember the old Aifix engine kits? That one with the big paddle wheel? fantastic!)

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