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Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by badgerys, Sep 30, 2007.

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    G'Day from Down Under!

    Last night the flight of the phoenix was shown on television and the son of a friend really loved the movie and the plane.Ed Bertschy did a model of the phoenix which I downloaded a long time ago.However I dont seem to be able to find the model on my computer.Would like to build it for Lewis as a present and was hoping that somebody in this forum might have the Url to Ed Bertschy's site.

    Kind regards

  2. The link I had seems to be down, but I have it on my hard-disk, send me a PM if you want it...
    Cheers, mate
    Billy aussie
  3. cbg

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    I have this model stored as well. Here's mine from a year or so ago.


    Here's a link to Paul Mantz, the aircraft and the accident. The Final Flight of the "Phoenix"

  4. romfolmar

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    Dieter Check your pm
  5. badgerys

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    thank You very much.Your model looks absolutely stunning.That will make it a hard act to follow but I will give it my best.

    Kind regards

  6. badgerys

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    Many thanks for the link.I did find the model on one of my backup disks.
    It's great to be a member of a group with so many wonderful members.
    Makes me grateful to be part of this group

    kind regards


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