Ecardmodels new releases April 24 and Marek Marathon contest update

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    Hello all!
    I have many new releases for you today as well as an update on the Marek Marathon contest!

    First I want to announce a special model that carries a special meaning to my family. My wifes great great uncle was Joseph Vuillemin. He was the commander of Escadrille 11 and was an Ace in WWI with seven victories. He then went on to become the Commanding in Chief of the entire French Air Force. This is the plane he used while in the Escadrille 11. This is a Kampfflieger designed and repainted Nieuport 11 :

    I have also released a much anticipated Dehavilland Sea Vixen! This is a Nobi Contracted Design so you can expect his usual quality! This is a 1/48 scale model:

    Steve Bucher also released his Cuadron G4! I know many of you were looking forward to this very unique two engined plane and here it is!

    Trent Henry released the next item in his well received line of 1/1 weapons. The Royal Ardnance L85A2. It is one of his most ambitious yet and is well worth taking a look at the fine detail:

    Looking for a great ship that also comes with a great helicopter and hovercraft? Look no further! Here is his USS Tarawa LHA-1! This model comes in with 106 sheets of parts - yes, thats right ONE HUNDERD AND SIX sheets. This also includes helicopters and hovercraft to fill the ship with its correct cargo!

    Maciek Kat also released a very well done Heavy Equipment Transport (military) in 1/72. Take a look at his other well done military models while you are at it!

    Sergey also kept in line with his usual rate of model releases and gave us two offerings in 1:33. A repaint of the ME-109Z in Croatian Livery. He also released a repaint of Marek's P-26 Peashooter in 1/33 with a few detail enhancements.

    Fitter also gave us a brand new WWI fighter done to his usual high quality standards and attention to detail. Four different liveries are now available for the SE5a!

    A quick update on the Marek Marathon Competition:
    We currently have a tie for first place between Stefan Wulf and Chris Walas with 2 points each. I know both of them are working on another model as I write this so its going to stay tight! To keep up with the leaderboard just click here:

    I have mailed out a total of 69 free models for participants in the competition and hopefully more entries will be rolling in soon! Remember, this is a FREE contest and anyone can build as many Marek Models as they want so long as you take pics of your build for the shop and request another model! To see a complete list of what is available (approx half are still waiting for people to pick them!) click here and just put your name and address in the spreadsheet. It will automatically update the sheet when you click out of the cell. I check this a couple times a day.

    I have modified the rules a bit so people building more complex models wont get left in the dust by people building simpler models. Here are those changes:
    Completed model - 1 point
    Each engine more than 1 - .5 point
    Each wing more than 1 - .5 point
    Each fuselage more than 1 (Me-109Z) - .5 point
    Cockpit interior - .5 points if you can see it
    Landing Gear with wheel wells - .25
    advanced wings (folding or multi segment like corsair) - .25
    advanced rigging (biplanes) - .5 if applied (optional)

    Remember to email pictures to me at!
  2. doctormax

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    Wish the 1:1 guns were part of the compition. You know after doing the Martin Posler "disaster" Ak47 I think our friend here Nothing would design one that would be about a million times better than it. in fact given good sources anyone could do a far better one than that Ak47 of Posler.
  3. cgutzmer

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    he is doing an ak47 now! I have pics of all his weapons so I dont need to include them in the competition ;)
  4. doctormax

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    Now that is the news we want to hear around here. Not my wife do she is still annoyed at the price the art gallery charged her for the other one. I figured out in fact she could have bought all of the weapons up on your site plus two bottles of Guinness. Now that would have went nice while building a glass of Guinness.

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