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  1. cgutzmer

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    I would like to invite you all to stop by my brand spanking new store. I am representing many independent designers both veteran and new to the design world. Many names you will likely know and some maybe not. I am offering many designers under one roof in hopes of bringing many designers together so that the new may learn from the veterans and keep our hobby going strong well into the future. Please be sure to sign up for the newsletter so I can let you know when there are new releases available. Upon checking out be sure to check mark to be kept up to date on your current files. This will notify you when there may be any changes to files you have already downloaded.

    When paying with paypal your models will be instantly available in your account under orders upon payment. If you choose to pay cash or check the models will be available upon receipt (you will be notified when they are available)

    Please also feel free to join the forums if you would like to keep up with your favorite designers and learn of what kinds of changes I have in the works for the store. I will also be offering incentives for those people that do reviews and/or build threads of models purchased on our site. Of course these build threads should be located on your forum of choice. Reviews can be either on your forum of choice or done right in the shopping area for easy access to other customers.

    If you have any issues with your shopping experience please let me know directly at ecardmodels at gmail period com.

    I look forward to serving you!
    Chris Gutzmer

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  2. CardStalker

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    Cool Gutz, Will be checking your site often to see if there is anything I may want. Thanks man. My best you to.
  3. JT Fox

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    Shameful bump.

    Cheers JTF
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