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  1. YakkoWarner

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    I was wondering if anyone had experience with the "tech II" transformer, I am looking into getting a new transformer and was thinking about buying one from e-bay. Is it worth owning at all and if so, how much is it worth.

    Also, I can't find prices for new lifelike locomotives, anyone have a website?
  2. N Gauger

    N Gauger 1:20.3 Train Addict

    Tech II

    Hi, Yakko! I had a Dual Tech II. It was the best X-former I ever owned. And get this, I sold it to a friend, and he still runs it after more then 10 yrs! I recommend ANY MRC product! I never had any trouble with any of thier products.

    The Only reason I got rid of it is: I bought a 5 amp power supply, and switched to "cab units" (MRC of course) to run my G scale from remote cables. :) :)

    <knock wood> I have not had any trouble with them either. :D

    --- Good Luck, let us know how you do!
  3. BDC

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    I don't have a tech II, but I do have a tech IV 350. I had looked at both types and finally decided to splurge on the 350 and I'm glad I did. You can program the voltage and momentum versus just an 'on/off' switch. I just wish MRC made a 2-handled version or one with a voltmeter like some of MRC's previous versions.

  4. kettlestack

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    Yakko, Do you know the specification for the Tech II?

    Rather than set your sights on a particular power pack, think about your immediate needs and what your future needs might be. You don't say which scale you are building in, but here's a rough idea of immediate needs:

    "N" locos run at anything between 1/4 and 1/2 Amp.
    "HO" locos run at between 1/3 and 1 Amp.

    Assumingthe locos run at 12 volt (with this voltage at a scale 200mph :) :) ) then the output of a single controller should be 6 Watts (VA) for "N" and 12 VA for HO. Both these values are minimums.

    Sounds simple enough but..... if you MU two locos then the single controller output needed would be double that mentioned above.

    (For the benefit of any newbies reading this, a single controller is often referred to as a Cab).

    Now, most power units also have an ac output for lighting, turnout controls and other accessories. Turnouts do not present a problem as they are very short operating duration.

    You may be in the early stages of building a layout and may not have thought (yet) about lighted models... street lights, signals, buildings etc. Such lamps (at 15 volts) consume typically 0.03 to 0.04 Amp. 25 such bulbs could need 1 Amp so the ac output of the power supply would need to be 15 VA.

    You would be surprised at just how many bulbs can be placed on a small layout (eventually).

    You may be tempted to opt for a dual "Cab" power pack if you are thinking of running two trains simultaeneously using block control. Think about it! .... would it not be better to have one "Cab" unit which has an additional (separate) DC output for
    a second "walk around" controller??

    I hope I haven't confused you my friend, I just wanted to point you in the right direction for the right reasons.

  5. YakkoWarner

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    Errol, Thanks for all the info. My current project is a small N-scale in a dinning room table. There is only enough room to run one train and the siding is not long enough to stage a second one for passing. All of the track is powered form one central location and all accessories have or will have thier own transformers. I am looking for a smooth operating good quality controller for one locomotive.
    I am experimenting with fiber optics for the lighting but I am not happy so far, as all of the lights are on or off with no variation in color or intensity. I've thought of using a PLC controlled random walk lighting system, but there will be about 25 lights to start with and there will certainly be more added later, so the cost for output cards becomes prohibitive.

    My next layout will feature two mainlines and a dedicated commuter line... (andaponyandaredwagonandagijoewithkungfugripand...) :D
  6. RI541

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    I also have a dual tech II and wouldnt part with it. I use some some "train set" controllers for my lighting.MRC has a great reputation for quality.


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