Ebay item worth it?

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by ript73, Aug 17, 2005.

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    In my opinion, it is not worth US$90+ plus US$13 shipping.

    Many of these things have been done at The Gauge before:

    - Lumber Load - scroll down to post #3

    - Wrapped lumber loads for Bulkhead Flats - scroll to post #10 for printable wraps

    - The miscellaneous lights and utility poles can be had for a few dollars - swap meets are a good place to find them.

    - Barrels can be made from heavy foil (like from wine bottles) by embossing over a few strips of wire glued to a piece of styrene. Then wrap it around a 1/4" dowel.

    - Stumps are available from Rusty Stumps directly.

    - For info on making trees, follow Shamus' links here to his (now free) Guide to Making a Model Railroad.

    Hope that helps. Remember - just my opinion. If you do not want to make this sort of stuff (time, money, etc, constraints) then by all means consider it.

  3. tillsbury

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    Agreed. You'd have to really want all of that stuff for it to be worth it... it's no real discount at all...
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    I'm old, and pretty much set in my ways, and a bit of a curmudgeon at times, but....... I don't think I'm too far wrong when I recommend staying completely away from ebay for model railroad items. Especially if you are just starting out!
    I will go to a known dealer's online site and purchase, but I would only go to Ebay if I was looking for "parts" to build "something else", or an out-of-production item that I knew I could repair, or rebuild. Your local hobby shop will sell you quality, and stand behind it with replacement or repair if something goes wrong.
    and........you can see what you are getting before you pay for it!

    The lessons we learn best, are the ones in which we get burned worst!
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    Wow...sumbuddy thought it was worth some serious coin at $108 and change. As for Ebay, I've enjoyed my experience thus far, I guess because I know pretty much what I want, what it's worth and whether I'm willing to spend it. With $25 Tyco engines, $108 piles of sticks and $10 "rare" Life-Like cars being offered, I WOULD NOT recommend it for a beginning modeler. :thumb:

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