Eastern Logging and shortline operations

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    Hello, I'm "Wanakena Timber," a new guy on the block who is renewing his interest in HO model railroading. I have been slowly collecting items from e-bay and other sources to build the "Cranberry Lake Railroad" / "Rich Lumber Company" with its connection to the "Carthage and Adirondack RR". These are all prototype railroads from the early 20th century.

    The C & A RR ran from Carthage NY to Newton Falls, NY. Along the way, they serviced several logging operations, a paper mill at Newton Falls, and an iron mine at Benson Mines. They were absorbed into the New York Central.

    The Cranberry Lake railroad ran from Benson Mines to Wanakena, about 5 - 6 miles transporting the summer visitors to Cranberry Lake, the fall hunting parties, and the products of several sawmills at Wanakena. It was wholely owned by the Rich Lumber Company.

    Rick Lumber company had operations in Pennsylvania and Vermont in addition to Wanakena. I choose Wanakena because I have hiked just about all of the rights of way, sleeped in tents set up on them and kind of niched myself into the tie depressions left by the railroad, and ate my meals at places like Cucumber Creek, Boiling Spring, High Rock, and High Falls.

    I would be interested in chatting with those of you who may share the interest in Eastern logging operations and shortline railroading.
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    Welcome to the Gauge Tom, there are others here that share your interests. We have a separate forum for logging lines further on down the list. Stop by and get aquainted. Stop by the General Talk forum as well and chat a bit, post a few photos in the photo forum, peruse the "tips & tricks" and "scratching & bashing" forums as well. Lots to learn here and we hope you'll share what you're doing with us as well.
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    Hello Tom I have posted quite a bit on the Grasse River and Emporium Forestry Co. and my ties to it in the topic "Adirondack Sawmill Questions" in the "Logging Line" forum section. This RR was the other one on Cranberry Lake and was only a few miles away. At one point there was even talk of extending the RR to Benson Mines and becoming a NYC bridge line.

    The great new Bill Gove book "Logging in the Adirondacks" from Syracuse University Press has a chapter on the Rich Lumber Co. that is pretty interesting. Also the town of Wanakenna has a walking tour in a series of keioks/gazebos around town with old pictures and maps giving locations of RR sites. Most of the town was relocated by Rich Co from PA when they moved. So most of the buildings are older than the town. It is pretty amazing to see how much is left. Really neat little town with a real feel for it's own history.

    If you are ever planning to spend some more time in the area during the summer I spend about a month every year in the old Cranberry Lake Emporium office. I have a long term RR related project going there. PM me if interested.
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    :wave: Welcome To The Gauge Tom.:wave:

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