Eagle Transporter Space 1999

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    ARMORMAN Guest

    Can he put it up where it can be downloaded? (I've already got it, but obviously others don't)
  2. It was free, guess some got carried away with their own post. Can the the designer post it for download on this sight so some can down the model with permission on this sight. Just An idea fella's.
  3. davitch

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    When I have an extra 600 dollars maybe I will get ME one instead!:thumb:
  4. angevine

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    It's very sad to see that someone is offering your model on ebay.


    It looks like they are even taking credit for yours and Keith's efforts.
  5. sneaker

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    As with the other models he has offered up for sale. Is that Jaybats Hawk Model in the background????
  6. Dancooper

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    Is the high tech Eagle still avaialble somewhere ? I had it on hdd on my old pc, but that one broke down, so I'm afraid I lost all my "old" models :(
  7. marc.marie

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  8. redwolf28386

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    Does anyone know if there is an easier way to make the tubing/frame( like a jig)? Mine never ends up straight. I'm considering using wooden dowels.

  9. SrLuis

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    wow amazing job... I need some more patience to made a model so big in details
  10. PM me


    Papercraft Museum has a copy on their site.
  12. Patron_zero

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    Exactly what diameters and lengths are being used in the build ?


    As I recall, using knitting needles were recommended as formers over which you rolled the tubing.
  14. Rhaven Blaack

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    If you want to cheat a little, you can use bamboo skewers (if they are the right scale), and just paint over them. It would also add extra strength to the model as well.

  15. dirtybrit619

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    that brings back memories.. i used to love that show!
  16. propologist

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    anyone got the link on this model. the one in the thread is long dead.
  17. MTK

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    Brilliant model work there. I had a link to a good Eagle from some time ago and may still have the model. If I can find either I'll make sure to post.:thumb:
  18. redcarl69

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    I'd like the link if possible, fantastic model. Can't find it at papercraft museum tho.
  19. MAC99

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