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    About six years ago, I put together a Paper Models Exhibit at the EAA AirVenture Museum in Oshkosh. (http://forum.zealot.com/t135515/) It's been a popular exhibit and more than a dozen modelers have contributed models to it. It's in two large display cases in a moderately high traffic area in the museum.

    Yesterday, Curator Allen Westby informed me that he needs the two display cases for another exhibit during the annual EAA convention, July 20-26. After that, the cases will be free again, but the area where the cases are now located will be converted to "event space" and will no longer be available for the paper models exhibit.

    Allen says he wants the Paper Models Exhibit back but doesn't know where it will go or even where there is room for the cases. And it will likely be September before he has a chance to give it much thought.

    I've contacted another friend, the manager of the Wittman Regional Airport at Oshkosh. He has some empty display cases and would like very much to fill them with model airplanes. So, with luck, sometime next week, I will move at least part of the exhibit across the airport to the Wittman terminal.

    The terminal is not exactly a high-traffic area, though it may see a fair amount of traffic during the EAA convention. There are no scheduled flights in and out of Wittman. The car rental agencies and other services are there, but
    not a lot of passenger traffic. I will also stop in at the FBOs to see if they want any models for display.

    This isn't good news but it's not all bad, either. Allen wants the display back at EAA, though he's not sure where. It could end up in an even better location than its present site. More locations (airport terminal, FBOs) means room for more models and will allow me to rotate new models through the EAA museum more easily. I'll work with Allen and hope for the best.

    Thanks to everyone who has donated models and offered support. I'll keep you posted. I'll also get some pictures before I dismantle the exhibit next week.

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    EAA Wants the Paper Models Exhibit Back

    I spoke with EAA Museum Curator Alan Westby today and he told me he definitely wants the Paper Models exhibit returned to the EAA AirVenture Museum in Oshkosh. It was taken down temporarily in July because the museum needed the space during the annual EAA fly-in at Oshkosh.

    Alan is currently trying to find a place to put the two display cabinets we had; the old location is no longer available. As soon as they work that out, I'll put the display back together.

    In the meantime, I'm putting out the call for new models for the exhibit. (I can't build them all, nor do I want to. This should be a community effort.) We have displayed a wide variety of aviation/aerospace models built by modelers with a wide range of skills. You don't have to build contest-quality models to contribute.

    If you have model you'd like to donate or build for the display, contact me, so we don't duplicate efforts. Any model you send becomes the property of the museum, but it will be displayed and it will be seen by some half-million visitors a year. And your name will be listed as a contributing modeler.

    Right now, I'm especially looking for someone to build the 1/33 "Swan" ultralight at http://www.esterle-kartonmodelle.de/, Marek's 1/33 Pitts Special, and a 1/33 Sukhoi aerobatic competitor. I'd also like very much to have one of Gremir's racing Corsairs in the exhibit, since the real ones are frequently on display at EAA air shows. And a GPM Wilga would be great!

    Please let me know if you'd like to lend a hand. You can PM me or e-mail me at sakrison@charter.net.


    P.S.: The popularity of the exhibit at the museum has recently convinced the museum gift shop manager that she NEEDS to carry paper models in the shop.
    I hope to bring a few suppliers to her attention and make sure she carries good models at an appropriate skill level.
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    I realize my Me323 diorama (see diorama section) is a little "over the top" for a display, but she's looking for a home.
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    The cases are glass bottoms if I recall - thats why he wants just planes (I think) without stands so that they can easily be viewed from all angles :)

    I think after the current competitions are done we should have an airplanes contest to get him some good exhibit material :)
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    Sakrison, I sent you an email regarding the models.

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