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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by ed acosta, May 19, 2008.

  1. ed acosta

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    I met Ed of the E.Suydam Company back in the 1960s while working in Duarte, California. Once in awhile I would drop by his shop for a short visit and talk about the old Pacific Electric days, his HO building kits, and his brass trolley imports from Japan. At least a dozen men and women were working there putting together the HO kits in the yellow boxes found in nearly every hobby store back then. I purchased all of his trolleys and many of his structures kits during this time. Some kits were wood, wood and cardboard, and even corrugated metal. All were a challenge to build and I sure was proud of my efforts. Today, however, they seem to fall short on the detail of plastic kits and master kits currently available, so it is not wise to mix them.

    One of my favorite Suydam models was the ‘Combination Town Depot’ which was very close to the Southern Pacific standard design. The cardboard exterior walls were its downfall. However, the plastic windows and doors looked great. Wanting to improve the appearance of this model I decided to find a more attractive color scheme. I quickly found some Southern Pacific prototypes on the internet painted in the more attractive yellow and brown scheme. I bought several sheets of milled wood to replace the existing side walls. I disassembled the model, being careful not to tear the cardboard sides which would become templates from which to cut the milled wood sides. I popped out the doors and windows and the roof bracings and repainted them before cementing them to the painted milled wood sides. It was not a difficult job and I am pleased with the results. Now I feel that I can bring the model to the forefront of the layout since it is every bit as detailed as the remainder of my buildings.

    08May 120.JPG

    08May 123.JPG
  2. Glen Haasdyk

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    A great way to resurect an old Suydam kit. It looks better than the original.

    I had the old Swift meat packing plant but swaped it out of the layout when it didn't work with the newer kits as you said.
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  4. bigsteel

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    what a great way to rebuild an old kit! and not a bad looking one either!great job.--josh
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    There's still a "good" supply of metal (brass, I presume) Suydam kits to be found on eBay....I've been tempted...but don't think I want to mess with soldering all this stuff together...I'll stick to good ol' wood kits....
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    The kits are still in production. I think Alpine Models is the current builder of the old Suydam kits.
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    Hi,All. Built several of Suydam's card and metal buildings back in the '60s/'70s. The sawmill kit was a beauty, but mostly corrugated metal (believe it was "tin-plate" like tin cans), I don't remember ACC being around - used wood bracing and "GOO" to build the metal parts - wish I hadn't lost it (spouse split), it was neat and could have been re-done better. Thanks for the memory ! Bob C.
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    I recently acquired the metal Sawmill kit #11 by Suydam. Will attempt construction this winter. I did check with the LHS and they recommended two adhesives for the kit, hence no soldering (thank goodness)
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    Our club has the sawmill kit on it's layout. It's nice but I find it a bit dated compared to what is available now.

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