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    Hi, Ron :


    It's nice of you to remember (!) and the recollection is mutual. The railroad has just secured its "real estate" and "right of way". Tracks, rails and rolling stocks are being procured (from Broughdale Hobby-Canada) as well as General Electric U20C & U8B locos (from Frateschi-Brazil) in earnest for planned operation sometime in January/February 2k5. As the name suggests, the setting (landscape) is coastal but Tropical one. And in the part of the Philippines where the "railroad" supposed to exist (and where my family resides) there will be a profusion of coconut palm trees (cocos nucifera). I didn't realize this type of tree is different from all others in being very difficult, if not impossible to model. I'm still trying to come up with a passable one by experiment with chicken secondary tail feather ( a poultry farm is 2kms near to my house). I'll be posting some pictures in due course (thanks for asking)

    No, the Sultanate of Oman doesn't have a railroad, but Saudi Arabia has one (connecting the Kingdom's eastern city of Dammam to central capital city of Riyadh about 450-500kms). I'm stationed in the southern city of Oman of Salalah which is 1065kms from the capital Muscat. And, until the local trucking lobby is surmounted by some Omani transport enterpreneurs the means of transporting goods between the two Royal Ports (RAYSUT in the south and SULTAN QABOOS in the capital) is the lone highway between the two cities.

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    I missed one of your questions and that on any other model railroaders in Oman. I knew only of one. He is a local (Omani) guy, a military doctor. In the Philippines, I only knew of one (1) other NMRA registered member. I'm in contact with the guy in trying to come up with some program to promote Model Railroading among Filipino youths so it would be as lively as RC cars/planes.

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    Just getting started with the web page and rail passes so if you would like to trade let me know.Also check out my progress and let me know what you think about the layout.

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    cpNscale :
    A nice web site start-up! Any e-mail address where I can send the E-pass? Regards.

    Muhammad FAROUK
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    Yes my e-mail is at the top of the page the link is E-MAIL
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    cpNscale :

    Copy of Jolo Coastal Railroad e-pass made out in your name is on your way.

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    cpNscale, That is an awesome E-Pass You Have.
  8. cpNscale

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    Thx LiveSteamer, I am glad you like it.The picture was easy to do but adding the text is a pain.I have to paste it all over the picture each time.So each one might look a little different.Anyone that can give me some ideas on what program to use would be great,I'm using MS Paint then pasteing the text from MS Word.
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    Your Welcome. I have the same problem when i made the logo for my Tribute To Conrail Website. I had to sit for at least 1 Hour until i got even close to the original logo.

    Have you saved your E-Pass on your computer anywhere and if so that will save you time on pasting everything back on it.?
  10. Matthyro

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    cpN, I use MGI photosuite an old imaging program I have had for years and it allows the adding of text so makes making an e-pass for others is very easy and quick too.
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    I was able to download a trial version of FotoFinish and am very happy with the results now.If I change my e-pass dramatically should i re-issue it to everyone that has a old version.
    Here is my revised and cleaner one:
  12. Chessie6459

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    This one looks great also. You can sure tell the difference between the first & second e-pass.
  13. Chessie6459

    Chessie6459 Gauge Oldtimer

    Here is my New E-Pass, Chessie System - Route Of The Sleeping Kitten. The Southern Pennsylvania Lines - To The Mines & Back is no more, So Here Is My New E-Pass:

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    That's cool!!! Very Nice!!!!
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    Thank You Mikey :wave:
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    Once again i have made a few changes to my pass here is is.Anyone that wishes to trade just send me a message here with the details and i will be more than happy to oblidge.
    Also LiveSteamer thats a great pass you have there I need to one from you.
  17. Chessie6459

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    Looks even better. I will send my epass via email. Talk to you later
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    A new and inproved pass

    Here is my final pass design i do hope.I finally have program that i canuse with out any problems so the design should stay the same,with each issue now.So feel free to message me if you want o trade passes.
    And to all that have an older pass and would like me to re-issue an new one just message me with your name and number i first issued to you.

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    Zumbro Valley & Western e-pass available

    Please check out the Zumbro Valley & Western in HO and On30 scales at http://www.midwestshortline.com/zvw. Following is a sample of the e-pass available from my site:

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    I see you made it Lynn, welcome aboard!!
    Theres some good folks here and some fine modelers.Have fun!!

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