E&N Div(CRHA) to get two locomotives

Discussion in 'The Real Thing- North America' started by ENR3870, Jun 10, 2004.

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    The E&N Division of the Canadian Railroad Historical Association could be getting a two-truck shay and a Whitcomb 90-tonner from the BC Forest Discovery Centre who is currently expanding their narrow guage operation and needs to get rid of some of the standard guage equipment. The Shay is Mayo Lumber Company No.3 that is currently in Summerland, BC on the Kettle Valley Steam Railway just outside of Penticton on the old CP Princeton Sub, the KVSR no longer needs the No.3 now that they have the 3716 up and running. The Whitcomb 90-tonner is former Fletcher Challenge No.9 that was used at the Pulp Mill in Crofton, BC until it was replaced in the 1990's by two ex-SP SW1500's. Both locomotives will be stored at the E&N Railway's Victoria Shops in Victoria, BC. Included with the Whitcomb are two extra working traction motors.
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    That's a nice gain for the CRHA folks. I am sure they are happy to get anything likes these
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    That's great news Tyler!!!!! Sure wish I'd known about the E&N Division when I was in Victoria 2 years ago.


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