E Bay Fraud

Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by Amazyah, Mar 22, 2006.

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  1. xyberz

    xyberz Member

    You know, the funny thing about that auction is the fact that the vehicle isn't even a Skyline. It's supposed to be an Acura, or Honda if you're in Japan, NSX.

    I would have felt sorry for the person who even paid for that. :cry:
  2. namoon

    namoon New Member

    guys, I am a friend of 'masa' of METMANIA, worked to beat out pirates on ebay about one year ago. Very sorry I didn't know this thread by now.

    Now ebay identify us as copyrights holder of paper models in METMANIA and registered as, so we can send notice to ebay easily if any other pirates against METMANIA. One problem is that ebay will not receive such report or notice from anyone excepting right holder himself. And it takes long time and process to be notified as copyrights holder.
    Yah, we can make a declaration against pirates buying METMANIA materials, but ebay won't receive same message on Yamaha, Toyota, Canon, Epson or other personal sites.
    Big companies don't like to spend so much time to keep their copyrights on free materials in web. It's maddening matter, but we cannot do anything but just seeing.

    I'm observing frequently as well.
    Let's inform each others.
  3. hiroko

    hiroko New Member

    I read the comments by STEVE O and others about piracy on EBAY and could not help but noticing that the list of GPM model kits is probably the same content that appears on another "Pirate" site link removed. This web site uses a disclaimer that they offer the products only for "survey" of the product content and that they are not repsonsible for the use of the information they provide. I wrote to another paper model designer ('Web Dude") who took notice of the pirate web site as well. The problem becomes TIME available to react and cause an effect which will shutdown the prirate or at least remove much of the identified content as stolen. The pirate web site link removed uses depositfiles to get the free downloads of scans from other published works. That presents another layer to fight through to get the product removed. The bigger more serious problem with an operation like EBAy is they also own PayPal. Content is much greater and the money travels faster.

    The solution may not be to keep writing (i.e. feedback) on EBAY pages, but look at a concentrated legal effort aimed at EBAY the corporate entity (CEO, John Donohoe comes to mind). It is more likely the large pockets of EBAY would not like their currency to dry up as publishers take them to task for continuing to finance the operation of the identified pirates operating on the new Seven Seas of EBAY and PAYPAL. Just a thought.
  4. Stev0

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    Don't post links to pirate sites!!!! :curse::curse::curse::curse::curse::curse::curse::curse:
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