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    The E-50 was an electric locomotive built by GE in the late 1960s. It was an upgrade of the E-44, which it resembles strongly. No common-carrier railroad owned it, only a dedicated coal hauler in Ohio, the Muskingum Electric. The E-50s ran from 1968 to 2002.

    E-50: http://www.rr-fallenflags.org/misc-m/mer100.jpg

    E-44 for comparison: http://www.rr-fallenflags.org/pc/pc4460ags.jpg

    Note that the section of lower roofline extends farther behind the cab on the E-50. Also, there are two vents one above the other and with no shield over them.
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    Weird, i wasn't aware there was anything like an E44 running so late into the game, lol! I'll have to look into these E50s.
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    Do any of these E50's still exist?
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    I think both were scrapped. With only a few electrified coal routes, the others with sufficient motive power, I guess there was no market for them.

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