E-3's and cabooses

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Stu McGee, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. Stu McGee

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    Hey folks, I am looking for Baltimore and Ohio E-3's wioth DCC if possible, I think they were made at one time by Broadway Limited. Also early pre-1948 diesel switchers for the B and O and the New Haven are on my short list along with B and O and New Haven cabooses, again pre-1948. Does anyone remeber the Walthers OSCAR and PIKER. They haven't been seen in South Jersey for a decade at least! Yes I am laying track and for what it is worth, the PECO turnouts are fierce! Use the mid size or larger. Oh they are expensive, look for deals, because they are so worth it.
  2. steamhead

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    A B&O fan....will wonders never cease..?? Although not a "fan" as such I think their color scheme is second only to the ATSF war bonnet...One of these days I'm going to have me a "set" of both of these roads and just watch them chalk-up the miles on my layout...
    Those Pecos are worth their $$'s..No.?? I've got upwards of 40 installed with more yet to come. When I began my new layout that was one of THE important things...No more "cheapie" turnouts...Just not worth the aggravation...
  3. Stu McGee

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    I would say they are a number 6 but they appear to have a curve to them equal to about a 30-32 " radius which makes them ideal for passenger cars of standard length. Its funny but that's why I went with code 100 rail and PECO and DCC. I guess this old dog is learning some new tricks. As a kid I rode the Capital Limited from DC to Chicago and the Super Cheif to California. My Grand Dad was guy named Booz of Booz Allen and Hamilton fame. He was the Booz with the bucks. I was lucky enough to ride the B and O RDC's to school: I commuted from College Park , MD to DC. Now I work on a pike in my basement and support Bruce at Sattler's in Westmont, NJ.

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