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  1. gcodori

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    Has anyone seen the new info regarding the dynamis system introduced across the pond? About the size of a hand held video game, great specs and cheap.

    More info here including pics

    No word on if Bachmann US will bring it over but it would really make the old school dcc makers in the US rethink their products (too many dcc makers are slow to develop new technology while still charging a premium :curse: ).

    Any thoughts?
  2. gcodori

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    No one? wow...surprised.

    I am going to laugh if this gets released in the states leaving some well known DCC makers running back to the drawing boards instead of sitting on dated designs due to a lack of competition (I'm looking at you, Digitrax, Lenz).

    Here's a photo of the handheld unit and the receiver in the background...

  3. darkcurves

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    Looks good, i am already considering it.
  4. YmeBP

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    I've been wondering how long it was goign to take for the back lit oled screens or even lcd screens to make their way into our digital cabs. I wonder why we don't have touch screen color controls like the logitech harmony 890 universal remote has: http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/products/detailsharmony/US/EN,CRID=2084,CONTENTID=10930

    this dcc controler looks interesting, but the materials look cheap. I'm stuck on that screen though :) i like that screen!! How does it feel? Solid?
  5. gcodori

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    Remember - it's a lower cost (cheaper materials) version of a more expensive system made by ECOS. I believe the Marklin and Trix systems are also the samesetup with slight changes (the ECOS system has two rotary knobs instead of a joystick).

    I personally would have liked a knob design over a joystick.

    The unit has not been released yet - it's only been shown at large train shows in Europe. Hopefully Bachmann will bring this over to the states soon (if they get clearance for the IR channel I suppose).

    As for the feel - I'm sure it feels like holding a Sony PSP - which may be what this hobby needs...attracting more kids by making more "gamepad" style controllers.
  6. YmeBP

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    I wouldn't mind that at all :) i like the digitrax but the buttons are small, and the screen could be bigger. I've often wondered why they don't have "soft" buttons, you can reprogram functions and many other things in the unit so why not be able to remap button functions ;).

    Now that you've mentioned the ecos system i think i saw a youtube video of it. I'm interested! I wonder how much it will cost.

  7. gcodori

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    I know the system is $99 (euros), will most likely be more here.

    If you like the big screen and soft buttons, check out the mulitmaus for Roco/Lenz. Very cool stuff (makes classic Lenz and digitrax look downright OLD).

    From the looks of it, the buttons under the screen look to be programmable, like those LCD screen all-in-one remotes. It also looks to have a photo (generic) of the loco, and you can name the loco too (ie - MIKADO or SHAY), instead of using a number scheme.
  8. YmeBP

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