Dynamis and DCC turnouts

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  1. Has anyone managed to program EZ Track DCC turnouts with a Dynamis? I am almost convinced that it cannot be done. I have stood on one leg and used 2 dead chickens ( + read the useless Bachmann information) and still have no clue. I would really like to know if it can be done and get some info on how to do it. Thank you.
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    Nope, but it's been awhile since I played with the Dynamis. I didn't get to try it with any accessory decoders.

    My first question is: can you access the turnout to start with? Before reprogramming it, I mean.
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    The amazingly helpful :cry: Dynamis manual says to read the manual that comes with the EZ DCC turnouts for programming accessory decoders. Or check the Dynamis website, which is almost as useful as the manual.

    What does the manual that comes with the turnout say?
  4. The manual with the turnout is a single sheet that tells you how to use the turnouts with EZ Command. I have yet to see any documentation even acknowledging that the Dynamis can control a DCC turnout. I have also checked out info on the Bachmann forum but a good percentage of threads there are complaining about no documentation. It's as if it's a big secret or it's a conscious effort to see if customers can work it out without any help from the manufacturer.
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    Well the sheet with the turnout must at least tell you what address the accessory decoder in the turnout is programmed to? Can you at least operate the turnout on that address?

    Bachmann really had the chance to show they could play in the big-leagues with Dynamis. They've totally dropped the ball. Between the ridiculous cost of expansion and the total lack of instructions, they're showing their toy-store background.
  6. The DCC turnouts are all #3 until you program otherwise. I originally had 4 turnouts using EZ Command so that F1 - F4 where the controls. I now have Dynamis and have spent more time trying to program than actually operating. I have now programmed the 4 turnouts with Dynamis using the ACC 1-4 control. The Icon was backwards and I could not change it so I rewired the solenoid in each turnout. All is working fine but it's not real easy to control because of the selection of the ACC #. Bachmann EU said you can program them to the function buttons but the Dynasmis has an ACC button. I just don't seem to be able to get Bachmann to wake-up and give out any kind of useful information. The Dynamis also has Hot Keys or Macros but Bachmann won't tell you how to use those either.

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