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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by belg, May 30, 2004.

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    Well guys with some time on my hands the mind starts to think, OK wander I've fixed my Chopper 3 for the last time and am looking to replace it with a qaulity product. The only good one I've found though only cuts at 90 degrees and for the price it should really cut the wood for you but thats another story. Since this is a tool I get alot of use from I don't mind spending the money but I want it also to be able to cut at 45 ,22.5, and be adjustable is the word I'm searching for I guess. A qaulity homebuilt one would be the best of both worlds. Thanks Pat
  2. mhdishere

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    Hey Pat, if you find a good one let me know, my Chopper is getting a little worn. All that balsa you know!

    I considered getting a Chopper II (the one with the aluminum base and the relaceable self-healing pad to cut on). My biggest problem is I have a gouge in the base so I don't always get a clean cut on thin stuff.
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    I've never seen one of those cutters in Aus. What a great idea.
    About time i added this, to the tools of necessity. That i've made over the years.
    I still have a balsa Stripper that i made some 30yrs ago.
    Cheers. :thumb:
  5. Lighthorseman

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    I'm on the lookout for a good cutting tool, too. I'll be watching this. :)
  6. belg

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    Well folks I've found a much better cutter but it does not have all the features I'm looking for like angle stops, but it seems to be the best cutting type of unit.

    Hold on though as the price is steep

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    :eek: Belg, I think for that kind of a price you could have a machine shop build you one to do what you want and not just a straight cut. WOW :cry:

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