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    A duckunder is a good place to put some surplus plastic foam. I don't have a duckunder, but I put some on the entrance to the crawlspace, and it has been handy several times this week as we put Xmas stuff away.
    (Crawlspace: a half-height section of basement, caused by house builders who are to cheap to excavate fully.) Our entrance is not over 4 feet high.
    Just wondering: does the expanding foam in a can stick well enough to use here?
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    Duckunder foam protection

    That plastic spray foam sticks to EVERYTHING. (Resist the urge to blow out the little plastic tube nozzle to make re-use easier. I tried it and thuk my wipz togetfer, wife lafd for hourth, now a famiry regend.)

    Seriously, I use the pre-slit foam cylinders sold to insulate copper pipe, they're dirt cheap. My duckunder is vertical 1 by 4s, so I just snapped the insulating tubes on the bottom of the 1 x 4s & secured them with a few brads on the side of the foam. Saved many a back scrape.

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