"Duchess" class locomotive 46242 :City of Glasgow"!

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    ok everyone, Here's my latest design for a locomotive model, the Duchess class locomotive no. 46242 "City of Glasgow" before the Harrow and Wealdstone railway accident/disaster. Enjoy!:grin: [​IMG]
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    Is this based on prototype or your own design? What are you making it out of?
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    The prototype was the Princess Coronation class of the London Midland & Scottish Railway in Britain, a 4-cylinder Pacific. Designed by Stanier and produced in both streamlined and regular forms. One of the class, named Coronation, toured the United States and was stuck there when WW2 broke out. The streamlining was removed but the de-streamlined locos has a slant at the front of the smokebox until the boiler was redone. They were the most powerful express locos in Britain.
    City of Glasgow was involved in the biggest passenger train wreck in England. It was pulling an overnight express from Scotland, just on the outskirts of London, when it passed signals at danger and ran into the back of a local train which was totally demolished. Before any signals could be set to danger, another express, double headed, just leaving London, smashed into the wreckage and its locos went up and over the platform.
    The two locos on the northbound express were totally destroyed, but City of Glasgow was rebuilt.
    (Duchess -- the locomotives were named after Duchesses and Cities with a few strays like Coronation.)

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