Dual gauge layout? Ho and N?

Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by Taka, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. Taka

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    I was thinking about incorporating both HO and N scale into a layout to create a false sense of distance. A sort of forced perspective, like what Peter Jackson did in his LOTR movies.

    Has anyone ever done this? I was even thinking of having a section of the layout where the HO train enters a tunnel and then to have an Identical N scale emerge on the other side giving the view a false sense that the train has traveled a great distance. I believe I have enough space to attempt it at least.
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    There's a design in 48 Top Notch Track Plans that's called the N/Z layout. It does what you are talking about using N and Z scales. The author has a very interesting discussion about the distance between tracks of the different scales for things to seem in the correct proportion. I highly recommend the article before going down this path. The author did state that the larger discrepancy between HO and N as compared to other adjacent scales would force a larger distance between the tracks for the proportions to look right.

    In my opinion - and it's only my opinion - this is a one trick pony that would get old quickly. View points would have to be controlled lest the illusion be spoiled. Operations would be pretty much limited to display running - if you switched a car in or out of the train, you would no longer match the train in the other scale.

    A different possibility is to use the same N track to run HOn30 or N scale trains, depending on your mood and how much you care about scale discrepancies. Most of the time, and when knowledgeable visitors come, you run as a standard and narrow gauge layout using HO and HOn30 rolling stock. Then when you just want to run some N scale equipment, you simply do so on the HOn30 (N) track.

    just my thoughts, but your choices
  3. Taka

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    Thanks for the info, and Im definitely going to read up on it before I commit to a build.
    I do think you are correct and the novelty would wear off and it would get cumbersome to keep matching equipement all the time too.

    Thanks again!

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    need to
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    up my post count so I can post a pic lol... so
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    this is how I will do it.
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    only a few more
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    I have seen photos of a layout that was built at two levels, with On3 on the lower level, and Ho and Hon3 on the upper level, with scenery transitioning from one to the other.

    The theme was west coast logging, and the HO stuff behind the ON3 looked like trains on a far ridge, the effect was interesting, and the builder got to play with all of his toys.

    Bill Nelson

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