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Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by Iron Goat, Sep 9, 2005.

  1. Iron Goat

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    Just a FYI.... I just received a flyer from Harbor Freight listing a dual action air brush set by Central Pneumatic... that includes the brush, 3/4 oz jar w/lid, 1/4 oz color cup, etc., for $16.99 .


    I have a single action Badger 350 that does about everything I need done, but for that price I'll have something to do the "fine trim" when I need it. It may be worth your checking it out....

    Bob :thumb:
  2. Pitchwife

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    Does anyone know where I can get just the pressure tank and moisture filter? I have a B&D pump and an air brush, just nothing to store the air and regulate pressure. I found a 5 gal (I think) tank for $30 locally but I don't think I need one that big. It wasn't really designed as an air brush so it didn't have a moisture filter. Any leads would be appreciated.
  3. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way

    I bought an airbrush from Harbor Freight well over a year ago and had it in storage until a few weeks ago when I went there and bought one of their air brush compressors. I checked them both out and they work fine. I can't remember what I paid for the brush, but the compressor was on sale, reg. $99, sale price, $69, plus I had a $5 discount coupon. We have several stores in the area, but I find that they are really good people to deal with both at the stores and by mail. If you don't like it, they refund 100% of your money, no questions asked. I ordered the wrong thing once, and they even paid the return shipping.
  4. Iron Goat

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    I was looking at an set-up like you mentioned, but the tank was $30., and a regulator/moisture filter was another $30., and then there were the brass "fittings" needed.

    I finally settled on a 3 gal tank w/compressor by Craftsman at Sears, for $89.00...It works great, and I have a compressor to boot. I did have to buy a moisture trap ($10), but considering that for $25.00 more I got a great "stand alone" unit, I think I did the right thing. Good hunting....


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