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    Hello -

    I have a Digitrax Zephyr and a small 4 x 8 layout. After blowing multiple DS51K1s I decided to go with a DS64. Since this would be my first loconet capable addition I have no experience. I do understand networks. At this point I'll just be using it to control KatoN turnouts and a DXO.

    What would the advantage be of connecting the DS64 via loconet to my Zephyr?
    Does it provide power to the DS64?
    Can I then program the DS64 from my Zephyr?
    Is it only a benefit if Im linking multiple DS64s or other loconet items?

    Im perplexed after searching around wall1


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    I do not know the specific answer to your question, but will suggest that you try the Digitrax Yahoo group if you can't get an answer here. A number of the DCC/Digitrax gurus from my local club provide answers there.


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