Dry Film Transfer Experiments

Discussion in 'Tools of the Trade' started by Gil, Jul 29, 2005.

  1. Gil

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    Hi All,

    Decal transfers have been a constant but unanswered undercurrent as regards card models. I acted on an idea where regular kitchen plastic wrap is coated with a white inkjet recepting background and then printed using an inkjet printer. After several trys I was able to get a print on the wrap. The following image shows the intermediate results. The smudges resulted from poor handling on my part..., this is also a great way to make transfer "tatoos". It still needs a few adjustments before it's ready for prime time. I'll do a complete tutorial after the tweaks.

  2. Gil

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    Followed through to cutting out and mounting a test sample of the above sheet. I need to research a better method of cutting the decal out of the film. The image below shows the sample mounted on Cadillac silver cover stock. A light coat of crystal clear was sprayed on the surface to act as decal cement and the decal film was then carefully layed onto the surface. A sealing coat of crystal clear was then applied. A little messy looking but the overall look and effect (film edge is not visible and it looks like it's painted on the surface not printed!) is good enough to spend more time tuning all the itermediate steps till it's ready for for the World.

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    Extremely interesting. I take it that this is the necessary - and logical - complement to the alu coating experiment, right? When you're done, you will indeed have solved all aspects of that problem. - Leif
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    Leif, the answer is yes on both counts...,

  5. Gil

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    Printed out some really beautiful decals but stopped all further development after I found the following site (wheel reinvention syndrome, oh well...,):


    They manufacture just about every decal type imaginable. It's worth visiting just to explore the different possibilities.

    The answer to Ryan's question about saturated color effects on top of aluminum is just use the right decal for your project. The remaining issue is how to get real aluminum underneath with all the toppings...,
    After messing about and seemingly going full circle I've finally got some ideas that need to be followed up on...., till then, then...,

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    Dry transfer

    Have you tried using clear mailing labels? I find they work well for me.

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