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  1. Alfadoc recently built Julius's Ed-209 and I liked it so much I knew I had to build it. I had been watching the design postings as they were being added, as soon as it was complete I downloaded it but had to sit on them a while as I was finnishing another big project.

    I thought I'd go into a little more detail on this build for those who may want to build it. I originally started with the main body and I guess what you'd consider the head. Be careful building the main body box, there is a difference in the angles for front and back, I didn't catch this untill too late so I had to start over and rebuild the head and main body box. Also take note, the parts are so broad there's no structural integrity,using 110 paper,(I'm building the 1/6 scale) you need to use pressure when gluing the part together, when doing so the boxes bow, bend and dent. Since I was starting from scratch I beefed up the interior of the large parts using the internal framing from the 1/4 merc capsule I recently finished, i strongly recommend doing some kind strengthening of these large parts.

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  3. MTK

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    Very nice, very nice indeed. I've been looking at building this model, so I'll definately be watching this thread. Thanks.:thumb:
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    same here!
  5. Slow going...I only have about 1 1/2- 2 hours a day to work but still making progress. Alfadoc mentioned having a slite problem with the fit of the main arm structure into the fore arm, taking this into account I made sure to build the MAS first then the rings that fit around it... good thing. I had to enlargre the holes in the rings by tracing the arm. The MAS is a bit of a challenge, it alone took over an hour, with what you see here has four hours vested. I'm sure glad there's only two of these to build.

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  6. MTK

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    Brilliant work. Love watching these models come together. Love the Sig too BTW.:thumb:
  7. Building the MAS the second time went much easier...a heads-up for other builders, when building the MAS it consist of four pieces, the main part #'s 53,58 and three other parts, #'s 56,57,59. I highly recommend assembling the latter into one part then glueing this completed part to the main part#53-58. Models like these can be difficult due to not having an asssembly sequence. I originally built the main part first then glued in each of the other parts one by one, this is more difficult due to the angle of parts 56-57.
    #2. I recommend gluing parts labeled 60-61 (arm rings) to scrap card stock to beef them up, you will need this extra stenghth when pushing the completed part onto the arm, remember these cutout lines are not an exact fit to the completed arms.

    Just noticed a mistake while previewing the post, the small part attached from the elbow disc the the arm ring is placed incorrectly..easy fix.

    Over all every thing is going well, it's turning out to be an enjoyable build. Will be moving on to the armaments to complete the arms.

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    Looking good so far. I love Ed-209, he always used to scare me when I was little. I look forward to seeing if the paper version is just as menacing!
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    Great work.
  10. Fore arm armament complete, every thing went smooth for the most part. A few typical paper model snags, the first three pics show assembling the front cone, it was a bit big but an easy fix. In gluing parts like these together I do it in segments, by putting a split in the ring then over lapping.

    Pic #4 is the preceise reason I chose the 1/6 scale, the gun barrels and related parts are a challenge, I couldn't imagine doing this in a smaller scale.

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  11. Over all every thing went smooth, included a few pics for size reference.

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    Great work so far Closet. The model looks huge. Have you scaled it up or is this the original size?

    Look forward to more updates.

  13. The files include a 1/10 and 1/6 scale, this is the 1/6, it's going to be pretty big.
  14. MTK

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    Niiiiiiiiice.... 1/6th scale. I like it! No chumpy, little small scale models.. Nice BIG one. Awesome, can't wait to try this. You're doing a fine job.:thumb:
  15. Moving right along. Every thing going together well. No problems with parts fitting together or structural integrity.

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    I've got to build this model, thanks for the inspiration.:thumb:
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    Great job on the build. I've wondered about this model. Is it poseable? Do the arms move?

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    This thing is awesome! It would make a great place to mount one of those little "Nanny Cams".
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    Uh oh!?!?
  20. The only thing that is going to be movable will be the main body on the pelvis section, you'll be able to pivot the main body on the hips. However..this thing is so big, with a little patience and design and engineering you would deffenantly have a good foundation to make it possible.

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