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Discussion in 'Tools of the Trade' started by Fishcarver, Nov 29, 2004.

  1. Fishcarver

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    Has anyone out there had any experiences with these as a tool in card modelling? According to the manufacturer's bumph, they are supposed to cut all kinds of fabric, paper and even leather? They are pricey cusses, tho: about $US80.00 new. I'd like to get some end-user info before I "invest".

  2. Gil

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    My wife has a pair that she's had forever. Don't think she'd take to kindly to me using them to whack paper. The cutting action of the blades is not controlled by the user. They just chatter mindlessly away whether there's something to cut or not. Had to sharpen these several times due to the wearing effect of this. I suspect that the reciprocating action of the cutting blades will delaminate and fray the cardstock due to the "pounding" effect of the blade action. I've seen these for sale in second hand shops at very low prices.

    Brings up the idea of using a "nibbler" for cutting slots and the like. A nibbler should make great square corners if you can get the tool head into the cut area.

  3. Bowdenja

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    Not sure about this brand, but I tried my mother's Singer Electric scissors a loooooooong time ago. They worked OK. Cut all kinds of stuff actually. :twisted: The problem was lack of control for the small stuff. Maybe you could pick up a more inexpensive pair and practice first. If you like the action then pop for the pricer ones.

    BUT I do have to say that I bought a pair of the "micro tip" fiskars that everybody was talking about...... and boy they are right! Well worth the small investment if you look at the sewing section of your local department store........mine came from Wally World(WalMart) about $7.00 US.

    Anyway hope this was some help. :D
  4. Fishcarver

    Fishcarver Active Member

    Electric Scissors Not seen as cure-all

    Gil, Bow et al:
    Hi to you both, and Thankx for the advice!
    Trust me: I ABSOLUTELY do not see the Electric Scissors as any kind of cure-all, especially in my "braille scale" (1/72- 1/35) world. However, I am interested in their application for cutting 1.5--2.0 mm stock, as I have seen posts discussing the use of scroll saws in similar circumstances.
    Yes, group: I am building card models and once I get the 1:1 scale woodcarving clients off my case (Xmas and all that), I have Great Planz for 05!

    Jimmy the Fish
  5. Gil

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    The Dritz will gag on anything over 0.5 mm or so. But you have given me an idea for a great product..., let's talk off line.

  6. Jimi

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    if asked, i'd prefer a normal scissor over an electric one. a normal one has more control over an electric one. it's like comparing a coping saw to a jigsaw.

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