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Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by nic, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. nic

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    hey all, my name is nic and i am 19. i have owned a few rc cars over the past couple of years but i am still a noob when it comes to anything tech. to be perfectly honest, i would love to own a real sylvia s15 and drift that, but i am going to settle for one that is more in my price range. i just ordered a tt-01 and am expecting it in a few weeks. i live in raleigh, north carolina so if anyone is from around here on the forums then please hit me up and let me know if there is even an rc scene out here. see you all in the forums.

  2. jareb

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    nic in N.C.

    I know out west its seems to be growing really fast the east coast is usually a little behind, I should know I grew up in ohio, then moved to phoenix for school, now Im back in ohio. try your local hobby shop ask them where the touring car guys have club races and you should find a few drifters. If you need any help with setup just ask.
  3. nic

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    alright man, actually i do have some questions. i posted them on the drifting part of the forums. i would really like some help with a battery. thanks for the input.


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