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Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by jphillippe, Dec 3, 2006.

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  1. jphillippe

    jphillippe Guest

    I am New to Driftng. I have raced RC Mainly Elec For 13 Years. We used to have a Nice onroad course we would race at on Sundays But the parking lot is used for other things now. So what do I do with My XXXS I found it. Going to Get PVC and Wheels tomarrow. Then wait for the roads to dry and I am out.
    I also Hace a xxxCR and xxxMF2 Mni-t and TLT Rock Crawler. Our Club has Joind With Parks and rec. and is building a topnotch place. So far we have a Big outdoor Dirt track and Nice area to Rock Crawl. The space for the Pavement is Level But are waiting to save money to Pave it. Weekends will Be Racing In the summer. But untill Then There is Plenty Of parking Lot and Road to Drift on. I might Like it so Much I won't want race again???
  2. jareb

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    Losi drifter Hell yeah!!!!

    The losi cars are great, I ve never owned one yet but I driven my friends old xxx buggy before, I think youll have fun drifting, I used to race staduim trucks and I still do on road club races in parking lots, but I find myself doing alot more drifting than racing, I can spend an hour just sliding around the same corner in the parking and not get enough. Good luck Have Fun
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