Dremel stopped working. Don't throw it away

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by XavierJ123, Dec 26, 2004.

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    Dremel stopped working? Don't throw it away

    My dremel tool stopped working and when I have a power tool that stops working I always like to take it apart first to see if it is something simple that I can fix: eg. an off/on switch. I always check this first since the switch gets a lot of use and no electric power means your tool won't work. Well, I took my Dremel apart and it was immediately apparent that the motor was working but the motor shaft was not moving the working shaft that connects to your tools because it was connected with a thick heat shrink tube that had cracked from old age and no longer held each shaft tightly. A co-worker told me that Radio Shack sold heat shrink tubing but what the local store offered was too small in diameter. As luck would have it, I found a larger size available at Home Depot in their electrical department. Since Home Depot's was thinner than the original Dremel tube, I inserted one heat shrink tube inside another heat shrink tube of the same size by folding it and then after cutting it to the correct length, placed it on both shafts and applied heat. That was a year ago and my Dremel is still working just fine. Just thought you might be able to repair yours the same way.
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    Nice fix Xavier, What did we do before Home Depot? btw, I never throw anything away.
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    Thanks for the tip Xavier!!!

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    I just bought a new dremel as my old one has seen better days and sends up an awful cloud of smoke when I try and use it. The old machine has stood me well for the last 25 years. Even though it has had 3 new armatures. I still have it and some day may get it fixed as I have a drill press that it fits and the new one dose not. The bearings are showing there age too (the ol' sleeve bearings ya know).

    TrainClown ;)
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    Just another note, heat shrink tubing is also available at most any electronic supply house in a wide variety of sizes (colors too if you"re picky :D ).

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