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  1. CharlesH.

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    Could someone please post drawings of the following equipment:

    AT&SF 4-8-4
    NYC 4-6-4
    USRA 2-8-2 (similar to the one made by BLI)

    thank you.
  2. pdt

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  3. Russ Bellinis

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    Which Santa Fe 4-8-4 do you want. The 3761 done by BLI is slightly smaller than the later 3780's and 2900's like the Bachmann model that hasn't been produced for a while. Locomotive Cyclopedia Vol1 by Klambach has drawings of the 2900's and I think pictures of the 3761. If you have the BLI 3761 it is dead on accurate for the 3761 as rebuilt in the '30s. It was originally built in 1927 with 72" drivers I think. It was rebuilt in the 30's with 80" drivers.
  4. CharlesH.

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    The 3761 is fine. I'll use the drawings to attempt giving the engines a "family look" for my railroad. I'll post the results later.

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