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  1. jsoflo

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    I am considering building my own drawbars to assemble a 3 car set of my walthers 48' well cars. I have an old model railroader magazine which has templates for building the entire car from scratch in HO scale (with conversion % for N scale) but I wanted to check and see if:
    1) anyone here has done it
    2) what material everyone suggests.
    The article suggests flexible plasic lid, I have no idea what that is.

    thanks for any help!
  2. Catt

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    Walthers included drawbars in their multiple car sets usully in a small plastic bag taped to the bottom of the box insert.As for the "plastic lid" use the top from a can of coffee or peanut butter or something of that sort.This type of plastic is quite slippery and acts as self lubricating to help eliminate binding on curves and such (not to mention its cheap :D )
  3. jsoflo

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    Thanks a bunch! Sounds good.

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