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  1. bill516

    bill516 Member

    It took me about 6 weeks but I left it alone for days at a time.
  2. Bubba Ho-Tep

    Bubba Ho-Tep Paper Fanatic

    I do that sometimes as well with very complex models. Sometimes it's best to just walk away for awhile.
  3. Nightcrawler

    Nightcrawler New Member

    can´t belive this is paper work!
    I build a galactica last year, but that´s nothing if i see things like that!
  4. misteree

    misteree New Member

    I dont think I will ever get to that standard. So awesome
  5. bill516

    bill516 Member

    Thank you very nice comments but really I'm not that good, but I try. Truthfully the model is not that difficult, just repetative.
  6. ekuth

    ekuth Active Member

    It is an awesome model...

    I had/have (somewhere) the same one and it's a challenge, definately.
    I used a piece of floral wire for the main body support- it seemed to work well.
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  7. bill516

    bill516 Member

    Its elf and safety gone mad I tell you



  8. eugentoth

    eugentoth New Member

    wow nice job on the dragon
  9. barad

    barad New Member

    that is just too good.

    mind you I see a lot of models in all materials that I think is so fantastic I could never do it, then after a little effort and attempts it starts to get there.
  10. PemTech

    PemTech Member

    An astounding piece of work...

    And I would love to build one, but $130 for a paper model???
    I'm pretty much a noob, so if that is normal it is going to get some taking used to.
  11. gg56

    gg56 New Member

    Dragon is great. Elf with leash is reminiscent of Robert Asprin, MYTH books

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