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Discussion in 'Gallery & Designs' started by raiwong, Jan 25, 2005.

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    I'd be interested to know also. It seems like a very steep price, but if it does the job well then it may be worth the few bucks. Hell if you design about 15 kits youself it will have paid for itself! 8)
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    Hello friends,

    I am using that package for designing my models (Adv. on: www.cardinspace.com :Adv off).

    If you want to know some more details, please let me know.

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    Surfmaster $195
    Intellicad $50

    So $245 for a set of tools customized for card model design. (This doesn't include something to do the coloring and texturing, but there are several excellent free tools out there for that. The GIMP, etc.)

    Compare that to:
    Do it the hard way, by hand, in photoshop: $565
    Or maybe by corel draw: $300
    Do it a easier in Rhino: $750
    Upgrade from Intellicad to Autocad: $800 (still needs surfmaster, so $1045)

    The only reasonable method of measuring software costs (or anything else's real market value) is by comparing it with similiar offerings. It looks pretty good to me. Actually, thats so cheap that I think I just figured out where part of my tax refund is going this year. (Or maybe it will go to a half dozen large, complicated paper models I'll never actually build, that would be more traditional for me. :p)

    FWIW, I have the same reaction browsing through offerings of astronomy equipment, as an amateur on a tight budget, it all looks way over-priced to me. :)
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    Hi Michael (and other SurfMaster users out there):

    Is there any address that I could reach the support group for the query on the SurfMaster if not to Dr. Zarkov? I have downloading/installing problem to ask assistance of. But, several e-mails to both have not been responded to. I'm afraid the addresses given (to me) are no longer current... Thanks


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    design cad

    Metsequoia is free and not bad for that price !!

  7. When I down loaded the PDF file on SurfMAster I found that while it works quite well for Card Models it was not designed for that purpose. As I understand it the software package was designed for use in the sheet metal industry for cutting the parts that then have to be rolled into the forms required for various weldments (one of the projects shown is a built up section of a pump housing, page 25). A purpose similiar to Card Modeling. That it worked so well for our purposes is a bonus.
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    Hi All,
    After a long scilence I'm back again.
    I fave a good news:
    The SurfMaster II finaly reached comersial status.
    Now I'm organizing its availibility and support. It'll be availible in a days.
    Two new kits, designed by its help as a test examples will be available as well. They are 1/32 scale IAF A-4N Skyhawk and Luftwaffe Ju-87 D /dive bomber and tank buster variants/.
    I'll inform you about details soon. Meanwhile please feel free to contact me directly if you have any cuestions / complies / suggestions about SurfMaster 1. I'll try to answer and try to cover a bit unapropriate service :( provided by card-models.com.
    Best regards,
    Emil Zarkov

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