DPM kit, first N building completed!

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by ddavidv, Feb 15, 2004.

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    (Mods, please move the thread if I've posted under the wrong category.)
    After several rather frustrating weeks modifying the trackplan and getting nothing settled, I decided to take a break and build DPM's Apothecary building that I received as a gift. Since scenery and structures are 'my thing', this was a welcome relief. Here is the 90% finished product:
    I used leftover paints, and used a gloss red mixed with boxcar red for the color. I planned on shooting it with dullcote when it was done but it has sort of a semi-gloss appearance that looks like painted brick, so I may leave it. Procedure was boxcar red, followed by the mix, and then wiped off before it got tacky to give it a worn appearance. The trim is some old Pactra flat grey that is near dead. ;)
    Dummy me put it together and started painting the exterior only to realize the molded color showed through all the windows of the interior. Spent way too much time hand-painting flat black onto the backsides of the walls. :mad: Lesson learned; paint this first!
    I have a question though. All that remains to be done is the windows. I'd like to put shades in some or all of them. Paint it on the glazing, or other alternatives? I think this will be a restaurant, similiar to a pizza shop here in town.
    One detail I'd like to add are pigeons resting on the ledge. Don't recall seeing any pre-made ones. Any clue on how to make pigeons in N scale? :eek:
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    Looks good. Sorry, no idea of how to make pigeons in N (other scales for that matter)
  4. Ralph

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    That looks real nice! As for shades, how about gluing strips of paper inside behind the windows? N scale pigeons could be quite a challenge! Pigeon droppings could be simulated with a little white paint, but the birds themselves....(?) :) How about itsy bitsy origami! :D
    Seriously though, nice work on the building!
  5. ddavidv

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    Paper...yeah, hadn't thought of that. Should work nicely. :thumb:
    Pigeons...well, some of my hot glue residue could be pigeon-like with some imagination. :D
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    Dang, thought I had the answer for you on the pegions! Got my small parts box out and discovered they didn't put a label on their parts bags and I can't remember where I got them. :mad: But they are out there, It may have been N-Scale Supply. If you look at my posting of general store and there are n-scale pegions on the roof. :wave:

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