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    I would like to download the paper models but the site will not let me? how do i gain access to be able to download paper models?
  2. silveroxide

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    First , You should make an introduction as a courtesy. It is like knocking on the door before you enter.

    second, The site is temporary having difficulties and is going through a changeover. The downloads section is not operating as it should.

    Third, The download section is off limits until you make ten viable full posting, such as a beginning, middle and ending.

    Fourth, State what interest you, such as military, aviation, ships, sci-fi.

    Lastly, Be sure to read the rules and policies of the site. When the site is up again, hopefully by Monday, the rules and policies will stay the same. Stick around and enjoy yourself. this site has a lot to offer in spite of the rules.

    Rules and policies are here:
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    Is there another link for the rules? It comes up with an error and for some reason I can't find them anywhere else on the site.

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