Douglas A1-H Skyraider »naked fanny« in 1/250

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by Thomas Pleiner, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. Dear all,

    I'm happy to announce that since today we have available
    a 1/250 scale model of a Douglas A1-H Skyraider »Naked Fanny«
    The modelsheets contain the aircraft itself plus some ground-
    structure plus the shelter.
    All on two A4-sheets, but it will fit also on a letter-format perfectly.

    All registered members may check the download-box
    down left on our forums's portal.
    (2 sheets PDF, 5.5 megabyte appr.)

    Some pictures of an assembld model plus some information
    you may find here:

    Have a pleasant weekend
    Best regards
    Thomas Pleiner
    fon +49(0)8781 92347
    fax +49(0)8781 92521
    mobil +49(0)172 7530645

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  2. Amazyah

    Amazyah Senior Member

    Thank you Thomas!

    This one looks like it will be a real challenge!

    I'll bet Phil, TWE would love this baby!

    Dunca shoen!

  3. Al hazlet

    Al hazlet Member

    Thank you, Thomas.
  4. Bowdenja

    Bowdenja Active Member

    Attention! Attention!

    Calling Texman! Calling Texman!

    New mini model has been reported............. please assemble the usual suspects!:grin:

  5. Texman

    Texman Guest


    Got it this morning, already trying to figure out if I can (gulp, can't believe
    I am saying this) UPscale it to 1/144. Been hoping for a A-1 for awhile.

    Thanks Thomas!

  6. modelnutz7

    modelnutz7 Member

    Cannot log on

    Hello Guys,

    Please can I ask advice? I have tried without success to log on to Thomas'
    site. Thomas has tried helping me but the site won't accept my details for some reason, anyone got any Ideas Please?



  7. rickstef

    rickstef Guest

    you will need to register with your full name, first and last

    and then the rest is similar to other sites

  8. modelnutz7

    modelnutz7 Member


    Hello Rick,

    I have tried to put my name and password into the box that comes up, but It does not work. I gave Thomas the username I wanted plus my password, he managed to log in with my details at his end, but I could not.

    On every other site I have joined there is a page where you can enter your name and all the other details, that does not appear on Thomas' site.

    Maybe It's because Thomas' site wont accept my aol browser?

    I just dont know what is wrong


  9. Good morning gentlemen,

    as long as your User-ID consists of two words ;-)
    there should be no problem.

    To work free of obstacles in www.kartonmodell-forum
    it's required that your system accepts cookies

    It seems that Tom looks for the user-profile page.
    Once you're logged in, you'll find a small button
    beneath the forum-logo indicated as »PROFIL«.
    Behind this button there's what is needed. . . .

    Have a nice weekend
  10. clarklfarris

    clarklfarris Member


    Mr. Pleiner,

    I have tried a couple of times to register but each time have failed. I would like to join your form but so far have been unsuccessful.


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