Double your Pleasure (n-scale)

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    :) Tis me, Drew sent me some stuff a while back and one thing was 3 walls from a DPM kit. Well it just so happens I have the same kit unbuilt. So, I thought I would try to make 2 completely different models from the 1 1/2 kits. So here is my first.
    You can smell the sweet scent of tobacco coming from the 2 Guyz Tobacco Co. This small backstreet company is doing well with it's 5 cent hand wraped cigars and products. Some say it is a sweat shop, others don't care for they make a better product than Cuba ever did. So lite up and enjoy the view.
    The next building will be along in a couple days to show the Big difference in the 2.




    Hope you enjoyed it, more later. :p Jim

    :eek: OK, here's the other model I got out of the peices which was the DPM corner apothecary. My LPB's complained they needed some place to buy stuff so Sears moved into town. This model has little change but is different in area. Will make a nice between the tracks or a city odd lot as for it's shape. Also I just painted it with very little weathering. (see I can make a clean building but boy it sure does hurt) And have you ever noticed us fat people like looking at those store models that are slim? Anyway here is the other part made from a kit and half to make two fine buildings for the WC & T.


    backside er corner er what ever

    wide end er forget it

    front door corner end side (that was easy)

    There ya go, hope you enjoyed my little project. Bashed up :wave: Jim
  2. Matthyro

    Matthyro Will always be re-membered

    Once again it is our pleasure to see the work you do Jim.
  3. ausien

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    great job Jim, see what you can get out of a kit an a arf, you have inspired me....have a good one..steve

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