Double slip?

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by cidchase, Jun 12, 2002.

  1. cidchase

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    Hey Gary,
    What is a double slip??
    Thanks from Olive Branch
  2. Gary Pfeil

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    Cid, A doubleslip is a pair of turnouts which are arrainged in such a way as to appear as a crossing. There are two sets of points with god knows how many frogs. Primarily used by prototype roads in situations where space is at a real premium, such as throats leading into passenger terminals.

  3. billk

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    Here's one:
  4. cidchase

    cidchase Active Member

    Thanx, guys
    That is quite an arrangment. It sure could compact a layout!! I think i'll wait until my track skills are farther along before I try that
    one. I think it's the ideal demo for the matrix idea, setting a route with one pusbutton!!
    While I'm here, is there a standard clearance distance from the rail to trackside equipment, specifically a switchstand?? What's the maximum width for a protoype loco? I suppose it has changed over the years, and by company. I'm trying to stick to pre-war 20th century, maybe 1900-1930? but I'm not nailing it down closer than that. As I'm sure you know, it's somewhat of a challenge finding the sources to correctly identify compatible road names, equipment, etc. I'm trying to get my tax dollars' worth out of my local library.
    Thanks again,
    Cid:) :) :)
  5. cidchase

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  6. Drew Toner

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    Re: standard dimensions and clearances

    OK Cid, I finished reading that, find any thing else:D :D ;) :rolleyes: :D :D

  7. cidchase

    cidchase Active Member

    Hey Drew,
    You know what they say: if you haven't read it, it's still news. So most things about this hobby are still news to me!! I saved those tables in a Word file for future ref. I'm still hunting!!

    A post from
    "at a railroad museum, there was a large scale model of a steam locomotive: two sets of drive wheels with the cylinders between the sets of drive wheels (cylinders were back-to-back)
    ooOOO cc OOOoo--tender
    Were there steam locos with this arrangement?"

    Was this guy dreaming or is there really a 4-6-6-4 articulated design with cyl's back-to-back?? I haven't found any pics of one yet. Not that I need to know, but........?
    It's getting warmer in Mississippi
    :cool: :cool:
  8. Drew Toner

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  9. billk

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    I replied to that post, saying it must be a Challenger, but missed the bit on the cylinder arrangement :eek: ! There was a later reply saying it must be a foreign (oops - non US for this forum) arrangement, possibly South African.
  10. Woodie

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    Double Slip

    I've put in a double slip. Wiring the electro frog slip is a bit of a doozie, and takes a bit of understanding. Once you've got it right though, it's fine. I used DPDT switches attached to the turnout motors to get the auto-polarity on the frogs correct, and, of course appropriate insulation of the frogs from the lead-in rails etc.

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