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Discussion in 'Modular Layout Forum' started by Union Pacific, Oct 10, 2005.

  1. Union Pacific

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    I haven't been on this forum in a month and I am finally back. (Don't know why I stopped :confused: ) and I was thinking about the design I came up with and I was thinking that I could make it so the upper deck "flipped" backwards so its wider(or deeper depends on how you look at it) but not as tall. Depending on how comited I got I could rent a Ryder or get my friend to truck this around for a small fee. (18-wheeler :D ) I don't plan on starting this till this summer becuase I am wokring on my first smaller layout for a MRR competition.

    thanx, Ben
  2. farnham

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    Double Decker?

    Yes I am planning-- or dreaming about-- a double decker pike along my 50 foot hallway and into the parlor in the front of the apartment. I think I'll start with one level, the lower one, and attach the upper level with risers later on. Also not the full hallway at first-- just sections 5 to 8 feet long, starting with only two-- and turnaround sections at the ends to maintain operations while we're building.

    The main line will be about 9 inches wide and the upper level will be narrower. Everything built with 3/8 inch plywood, TrainClown's lightweight papier mache attached to it, and building flats right against the wall where there are towns or cities. The turnaround sections could be hinged to the shelf so they drop down when not in use, but go clear across the hallway so you have to duck-- or more likely crawl-- under them when they are in use. I also want to involve kids as much as possible at all stages.

    BTW, I looked up individual ties-- about 50 to the foot! . . . maybe I will use some flex track after all-- anyone know about those machines you use to set spikes?

  3. tweet469

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    I have plans of making some double deck modules. I have a10'X20' train room with a double track loop around the walls. It is a twice around loop that changes elevation to give 1' of clearance between levels. I'm in a wheelchair, so i have to have more room to move around. I want to come out of the train room and into my bedroom with double deck modules. Mine will be on casters , making it easier for me to connect. I have a garage that I can roll the modules to for storage. I plan on making the top level removable and the legs foldable so they can be transported if necessary. My main reason for making the modules is to extend my mainline and be able to break it down and move it out of the way by myself.
  4. farnham

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    Double-decker dreamin'

    Whew! Looooong time since I've been on here-- My 50' hallway is actually 40'-- here's one thing on my mind: Any ideas for a bridge(s) over a river(s) or a road(s)? I'm concerned about lighting in the back of it for such a narrow railroad-- also blending it in with some kind of background in such a narrow railroad-- 9 inches! I'm thinking of using 1x 4 girders and joists 5 to 8 feet long. These would be sections, not modules-- able to be detached from the wall but not standardized to a certain system. Nice to see y'r still here . . .
  5. LoudMusic

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  6. rfmicro

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    I was very pleased to see this thread as I also have been working on a triple decker or three level modular layout. I don't have a lot of space (16' X 14') and my "nice to have list" far exceeds my available space. It would also allow me to have several modules in various stages of build as the mood struck me. It is not my intent to attend RR events with the modules, but merely allow me to change out modules (future growth) or support transport for one final move where I don't have to start all over again.

    It will be interesting to see how this approach takes shape over the next several montghs.

  7. 2slim

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    That is cool!!.........

    I thought that video was pretty cool too, if planned right that could be a 'near perfect' layout. Imagine having an industrial branch line up top and main line running down below. They would have to converge at some point, but it could be done. Careful consideration would have to be given to doing maintenence on the trackage in those long tunnel areas on the bottom level, but that could be done as well. Branchlines often cross over mainlines so that could make some great scenery spots. I'm thinking it could be very cool!!
  8. riverotter

    riverotter Midwest Alliance Rail Sys

    I've just acquired a building that has a usable space 24' x 28' and since my main interest in mainline operation I, too, have thought about a modular triple-decker (10 scale miles of mainline!). I'm a big fan of David Barrow's Domino approach, and I'm planning to treat the whole thing like a series of dominos, including the helices [one between levels 1 & 2 and one between levels 2 & 3]. I'm going around-the-walls with this layout (plus some extensions into the room space on level 1), so each level along the walls can be supported independently of the others for maximum flexibility.
  9. Jim Krause

    Jim Krause Active Member

    To make a safe, free standing, double deck, layout with a helix that can be moved and will fit through house and vehicle doors is a tall order.
  10. riverotter

    riverotter Midwest Alliance Rail Sys

    You are absolutely right. The key term in that assessment, for my purposes, is "free standing". By making this project an around-the-walls construct, I'll be able to use wall brackets to support each level independently, so dominos can be removed and inserted at any point on any level without impacting any other domino or level. The plan for the helices is also modular so they can be broken down both vertically and horizontally if, as, and when necessary, by constructing them like a pie in four quarter-slices on each level.
  11. Union Pacific

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    wow, I forgot about this thread. I am not really ure what i was talking about when I said all that now sign1 :rolleyes:

    I am still thinking about a double decker layout. The thing I am looking at now is what happens when I move out. I AM NOT going to be that nice to my dad and leave a completely working layout while I am at school and working :mrgreen:sign1

    I am actually thinking about designing small modules made form 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" (depending on the situation) 12" x 24" pieces of wood. I just seem to get overwhelmed and impatient when I think about finishing a ginourmous (sweet word eh? ;) ) layout. I have decided to work on those as smaller sections. Build a small portion of the hard then plug it in. I will make it so some industries are interchangable (give me something new to look at) but this will really help with my yard. Since I LOVE GIANT YARDS I can wire up smaller portions of it (maybe make the yard in 24" x 48" pieces) and make sure to get things right!


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