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  1. eve_9d9

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    hey guys I need some info.....anyone ever come across a piece of track that is one line crossing 2 other lines at a 90 degree angle? (see really nice pic) if no one knows where I can score one of these Im going to have to make one from scratch, which I dont want to hafta do, so any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. eve_9d9

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    picture never works the first time

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  3. steamhead

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    I don't recall ever seeing a double crossing. I wouldn't advice scatchbuilding one. One crossing is a nightmare...two would be doubly nightmarish... Why don't you bash two into one? You'd just have to cut the two legs you need to bring the parallel tracks closer together.

    Just a thought.
  4. hiscopilot

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    never seen one.... sounds fun to make though :)
  5. cidchase

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    Gus, That is an excellent suggestion!! And he can set the spacing exactly how he wants! :thumb:
  6. bigsteel

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    gus has a point eve_9d9 all you need to do is get some rail snips and cut down 2 90 degree crossings on one sid to mesh together in between the mainline.
  7. b28_82

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    If your doing code 83 the atlas version are very compact so 2" centers would be just fine. I did see an article once in one of the N scale magazines where they scratchbuilt the Rochelle diamonds. Not something I would partake in but impressive nonetheless.
  8. eve_9d9

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    well, when I said make one from scratch, I guess I was overstating it a little, in fact putting two together was what I was thinking of, but Im not sure Ill be able to get them close enough together to match the spacing, and Im not sure realism-wise that such a configuration exists, considering they dont make one..........but thanks it is a good suggestion, and I think im just gonna do it that way, the part of the line where it will go is made up of flex track, so Ill be able to fudge the spacing at least a its off to the hobby shop tommorow to buy a handful of crossings to cut apart....
  9. cidchase

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    "There's a prototype for everything", or so they say. You can bet that somewhere, sometime....
    Considering all the different responses to the track spacing thread, it's not surprising that nobody makes one!! :D :D
  10. 60103

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    There's a configuration like that in Brampton, where the single track ex-CPR line crosses the CNR. It's close to 90 degrees.
    There's one closer in to Toronto (West Toronto Junction) where two douple track lines cross, but at an anle more like 75 or 80 degress (looks like #). There used to be another track that crossed over from the NE to SW corner, but it now just crosses from NE to NW.
    If you try it and take a couple of attempts, use the botched ones as spare frogs. Cut the frogs apart, paint them rust and pile them nearby. Use them when a derailment destroys the special castings.
  11. JR&Son

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    Guys, I used to live near Hamlet NC
    Take a look at this picture, before they moved the depot accross the tracks, You can see an engine and caboose on the left hand side, center of the picture.
    That track continued accross the North/South track about 20 feet away from the current East/West track.
    I have personally sat on those tracks awaiting an Amtrak to arrive.
    They moved the depot to where it is shown in the picture in 2004'

    About 5 miles North of this location is a HUGE, hump yard. Huge is a HUGE understatement
    " The SAL built the 3-mile long hump yard in 1954 to handle ever increasing freight traffic. Three miles south of the yard is the site of the Hamlet passenger depot where all 5 lines converge. Hamlet was also the site of a major diesel shop for the SAL."
    never counted the track for depth, but you figure at a normal divergance "plus" 3 miles how many tracks wide it could be. IM thinking it was 20 to 30 tracks wide.

  12. Renovo PPR

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    Why can't you just connect two 90's together that should give you what you want. Ok I see I missed this suggestion. :) What can I say it is late.
  13. Squidbait

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    Not too far down the road from you in Marion Ohio there's not only a single line crossing a double-track main, but there's also a double-double. The CSX has a single track main crossing the double-track Conrail at one end of the Marion Station, and NS has a double-track x-ing at the other end.

    There used to be a nice model railroad in the building as well, as well as a hobby shop. I haven't been back in years, so I'm not too sure how it stands today. I know the railfans have a caboose there, and they got the Conrail tower that used to manage the interlocking there moved to the station side of the tracks.

    To do that, I'd just take 2 90' crossings and hack one leg off of each with a razor saw or dremel to get the spacing right. Much less frustrating than trying to handlay it, IMHO.

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