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  1. Hi guys , it's me again from Holland.

    First I want to thank you who helpt me with my broken down Rivarossi Mallet.
    It won't be long now and he will be running again after about 8 years of collecting dust,
    I am realy glad about this Thanks again.

    But now another question.......
    How can I let two DCC locos, hookt back to back run in the same direction on the same track?
    Do I have to switch the wireing in one of the loc's, or is there another way.
    Can I do this with different types of loco's, or should thay be the same, Or atleast have the same motor.

    Need more traction going up the slopes
  2. TrainNut

    TrainNut Ditat Deus

    For some reason, this does not seem as simple as it sounds. Let me take a stab here and then others can elaborate on what I've said or set me straight!!
    If you are using two DCC locos controlled by DCC then you simply change the direction (via your cab control) of the one you want to run as the B unit (backwards) before adding it as a consist.
    However, if you are using two DCC locos controlled by DC, you will need to pull one of them apart and either switch the wires thus reversing the polarity or as I did by accident, flip the motor so the contact tabs are reversed. I still think I'm missing something here though.
  3. phoneguy

    phoneguy member

    Both engines need to be moving in the same direction on the same track before you consist them. Doesn't matter which way they are going just both left to right or right to left.

  4. Harold Cole

    Harold Cole Member

    Hi,what are the cv values on cv29.If both are set on cv29 at 06 take the one you want to run backwards and set cv29 to 07 and it will run backwards with the one that is running forward.Hope this helps.
  5. lester perry

    lester perry Active Member

    I am new at this but why not just consist them. The lead loco as forward and the second as reverse. It is very simple on my system if they are same manufacturer. I do it all the time. If not (same manufaturer) it can be done but I am to new at this to try that one.
  6. Hi Lester, This works if the loc's are analogue, then it dosen't matter witch way you put them on the track, if you turn your controler to the right the train goes east, if you turn it to the left , your train goes west.hamr
    With DCC it is different, turn your controler to the right and your train goes forward, turn your controler to the left and your train goes backwards, and it dosen't matter if your train is faceing east or west, and that is the probelem with two trains back to front, turn your controler te the right and the trains go away from each other and vice vresa.
    At least that is what happens on my layout.announce1
    Regareds Erne.
  7. Hi phoneguy, This I understand, but to get them to do just that, that is the $100,00 question.
    I thought it had something to do with the adresses, but I was not sure and I didn't want to fool around with thoes adresses because i'm not sure of what i am doing.
    Thanks for your reply
  8. Hi Harold,
    Thank you for your wisdom Harold, I thought it was something like that, but I didn't know witch adress, but I have done wat you said and PRESTO:thumb: :thumb: :thumb: One runs forward and the other runs backwards GGRRRRRRREAT.
    Thanks form the help.

  9. Hi TrainNut,
    As you say the B unit has to run backwards, that is wat I wanted, and I thought it had to be done with my cab controler, but how? what adress?how do I program that??????????
    You talk about DC een DCC, by DC you mean direct current, as AC is alternating current or is this Digital control?
    DCC is Digital comand control.
    On my layout I have installed a DPDT switch so that I can switch from DC to DCC because I stil have a lot of loc's with out a dicoder, this way I can run my trains the old way and the new way, by the flip of a switch.
    Thanks for the help guys, I have done it the way that Harold explaned it and it works.
    Happy training guys,
  10. Harold Cole

    Harold Cole Member

    Thats great Ernest,glad it worked out for you.Now if you really want to get fancy you can play with cv's 03,02,05 &06 to get the speeds matched up so the 2 engines run the same speed.Hope i might be of some help in the future. Harold
  11. Hi Harold,

    Wel you have got my attention, talk to me,announce1
    I have two different loc's, one is Atlas, and the other one is from Roco.
    Do I just put then both on the same track and start programing, or do i program them one at a time?
    I am all eyes and ear's.
  12. lester perry

    lester perry Active Member

    I am running DCC. I use MRC advanced system. Wuth it yo just push consist until it says cons old. Then Program in the lead loco number hit enter program in next loco number and if yo want it to run reverse you hit direction button to make it reverse tthen hit enter. Hit enter again and call up your lead loco and the other will follow.
  13. wjstix

    wjstix Member

    With Digitrax system, I start the first engine going forward, then call up the ID of the second engine and start that engine going backwards - so they're both going the same direction. Then I call up the first engine and go thru the steps (as explained in the manual) to add the second engine to the first as a "consist". Basically just press the "M.U." (Multiple Unit) button then put in the ID no. of the second engine, then hit the "+" button. Then both engines are being controlled as if they were one engine.
  14. hi train fans,
    By the sound of things I have to change over to another system,
    At the moment I have the Roco system, This came with a starter set from Roco,
    I was planing on buying a lenz controler, these are more advansd than the first Roco controlers but the Lenz controler is quite expencive over here, ALL that has to do with trains is expencive. I'll get there one of these days!!!
    I have done it the way Harold has explaned it and it works with my system.

    Thanks for the help guys, keep it coming because I love to learn something new,
    The more answers I get the more I learn,
  15. Harold Cole

    Harold Cole Member

    Ernest,this is just what i would do.First find out which Loco runs faster,Second find out what notch your engines start at.You may want them to start at 3rd notch or you may prefer them to start at 17th notch,your preference.Just a suggestion set cv02 at 38 and see how you like that,if it is to your liking set the other engine the same.the one that starts moving first leave as a reference,reset the one that didn't start with the first to a higher value,i would go up about 3 numbers at a time till you see what you have.Once you have got them where you want them(where they are moving at the same time),run your throttle to 50% and see which one is running faster.You can take One at a time and set cv06 to 128,that should be mid point.I would adjust the fastest of the 2 down on the numbers on cv06 till they are running even.After you have them where they are running even go to cv05,this is V Max(Max Speed).Run trains at top speed and find out which is faster.You'll probaly find that cv05 on both decoders are set at 00 or 255,which in either case is max speed.Reset both decoders,one at a time to 255.Take the fastest loco and start going down on the numbers to get the top speeds matched.Doing this takes some time but the locos wont be wanting to pull away from each other.Hope this will help.

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