Dornier Do-335

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    Back from the grave! :mrgreen:
    Before I start my report, I'd like to say that Tino was correct about the wheels! They're horrible! They don't fit! The previous troubles I had with this kit were peanuts compared to the problems I encountered when assembling the wheels and the landing gear struts.

    This images shows half of a the wheel. At the background you'll see how the wheels are designed. Check out the joining tab part labeled "b". Now check the picture. Notice that the glue tabs don't come out of the edges of the wheel. That's because part "b" is grossly undersized!

    Here's a picture of a completed wheel. (This is the front landing gear wheel assembly.)

    Here's a picture of the rear landing gear assembly in process. Notice that even if part "b" is under sized, there is still a small gap in the black strip that I had to fill in with glue then color with a sharpie.

    Those wheels were a nightmare to make!

    It took roughly two evenings to assemble just 1 wheel.

    Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take pictures of the landing gear struts' build process. The front landing gear strut pretty okay.
    The rear struts on the other hand were not. The inner wire that the template produced was too short! I had to 'guesstimake' a new pair.

    Attaching the landing gears to the plane was not smooth riding either.
    Do you remember the oversized former in the front fuselage? Well the hole where the landing gear is to be placed is too close to the front wall of the landing gear bay. This left very little room to angle the front landing gear forward. I had to gently bend the landing gear strut forward just to get the effect.

    Here's a picture of the progress so far. Notice that the front landing gear does not angle forward. This makes the plane look like it's going to topple over. :cry:

    Front shot.

    Now all I need to do is to attach the rest of the landing gear covers and the canopy. Note that I still don't know how I'll deal with the gap in the canopy headboard. I do hope the canopy cover will hide that gap.

    I don't know if I can finish within this week. I'll going on a two week business trip to Raleigh NC this Saturday. I'll have to find a safe place to store my Pfeil for the time being. :)
  2. dansls1

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    Looks good!
  3. Stev0

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    Yeah it's looking quite good. Despite the 'poor' quality/fitment of the parts because of the designer the results are great. I'm hoping to see this push/puller finished. :)
  4. tino

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    Eric, you are having the same problems as me but your work is very good, better than mine.

    In spite of the problems I like the model! Its impressive by its size and forms!
  5. eric_son

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    Hi all,

    Thanks for the encouragement. I'd definitely finish this model....right after I get back from my two week business trip. :)

    Tino, I like this model too. In fact, I have this on my 'to-do' list again.

    OT: I just finished checking into my hotel room at Raleigh, NC after a grueling 21 hour trip in COACH! And the first thing I do after checking in is to log on to Zealot! Hehehe... I'd better make that safety phone call to my wife. :)
  6. Nothing

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    Welcome to Raleigh eric son!! Glad to have ya in my hometown!!

    despite the troubles you are doing a magnificent job! you inspire us less worthy builders to push forward!!
  7. eric_son

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    Thanks. I'm very much fired up to complete this model. Getting around those problems only serve to increase my attachment and obsession with this model... hehehe:excited1:

    When I finally finish this, I'll make a summary of the build, including the problems that will be encountered and possible workarounds.

    RE: Raleigh
    Much obliged! Btw, any suggestions on places to visit?


  8. Nothing

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    well not sure what your into, but we got some cool museums downtown and an IMAX theatre, unfortunately all the WWII stuff is in other cities. If you are into the night life sorry i dont know anything.
  9. eric_son

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    Dang! I was about to allude to that topic -- ww2.
    Anyway, I'm eyeing the NC Museum of History. Hoping to see some Civil War artifacts.
    Nah...I'm not into nightlife either. :)
  10. eric_son

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    Almost there....

    Just got back from my business trip. After recovering from jet lag, I resume my work.

    The Canopy
    In an earlier post, I pointed out a serious fit problem in the headboard of the cockpit. I postponed tackling that problem for a later date. Now that I need to assemble the canopy, I have to deal with it.

    Nothing fancy here. I just moistened the cardboard with glue then forced it to cover the gap. Lots of wrinkles... but they'll prolly not show through the canopy... I hope.

    Canopy done! The canopy comes in two separate pieces. Notice that there's a nasty gap where the two canopy pieces join up.
  11. eric_son

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    All Done!!!!

    Wing Landing Gear Covers and Pitot Tube
    The final steps involved assembling the wing landing gear covers. Pretty straightforward. I did have some problems rolling up the pitot tube though.

    Warning... lots of pictures.... :oops:

    Here you go.. all done!







    Group Photo:twisted:



    Just to show you how big this beast is, I took a couple of pictures of the DO335 with Dr. Zarkov's Gustav which I assembled a couple of years ago.


  12. dansls1

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    Nice looking model!
  13. Nothing

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    thats a fine looking build.the 109 looks superior as well. did the kit not include tail markings?

    NULLMOON Member

    :thumb: fantastic its been a hard road but the result was worth itaussie
  15. NYC Irish

    NYC Irish Member

    Are they both the same scale?

    Nice build, plenty of great recovery work from the bad fits

    John John
  16. eric_son

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    You mean the hakenkreutz on the Gustav's tail fin? Yes, the kit does include them. As a bonus, the kit also allows you to build three versions of the 109 -- F, G and K.
    And save for one minor error in the wing former (upside down slot position which is easily corrected), the model has perfect fit and is easy to make.

    Yes, both are 1:32.

    Indeed, it's been a very long and hard journey for this model. I've never encountered a kit so many bad fits and misalignments. Hehehhe.... This kit really tested my patience.


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