Dornier Do-335

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by eric_son, Nov 22, 2007.

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    Glad I could be of assistance............... even with the poorly sized parts did were able to do a magnificent job of it!

    Look forward to the next addition............

  3. AbysmalPea

    AbysmalPea Hey! You with the face!

    I don't think forgetting about that former would be much of a problem. Considering the problems you've had with this model, the former would be too small anyways.

    You're doing a great job with the model, though.
  4. eric_son

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    But surprisingly, the circle-shaped formers on the forward fuselage segments fit quite well. The size problems only started occurred in the egg-shaped formers.
  5. eric_son

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    A relatively trouble free assembly session. :cool:

    But first, a minor glitch:
    Here you see a part number mismatch. I hesitated for a couple of minutes before deciding/concluding that the incorrectly labeled part is the correct part. (In fact, I even loaded the PDF to check if I accidentally threw away or misplaced a former...)

    This is the partially assembled tail section of the fuselage.
    A refreshing change! Finally, I assemble a former that fits perfectly! Hehehe.

    Here's the fully assembled tail section of the fuselage, sans the rudder and elevators. Perfect fit so far.

    Before retiring for the night, I couldn't resist doing a dry fit of that tail section onto the main fuselage just to see how it looks so far.
  6. Janx

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    That looks superb Eric, magnificent job so far.
  7. gippolot

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    Just came across your thread Eric_son.

    That's a great looking build of a good looking plane. Will be enthusiastically following the rest of your posts.

  8. eric_son

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    Thanks for the kind comments.
    I do hope I can resist the holiday laziness as well as the work related year-end fatigue and be able finish this before the year ends. :)
  9. exzealot

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    Despite the fit problems encountered, this plane still looks very very good. I haven't been building paper that long, but I am coming to the conclusion that anyone with 2 hands and 1 eye can build a paper kit with no design flaws, but it takes lot of skill, experience, and patience to turn a kit like this into a nice looking model.

    Nice job!
  10. eric_son

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    I've been lazy the past few days.... :mrgreen:

    Anyway, I've been able to squeeze a few hours of building time.
    Last time I stopped, I was getting started on the tail section of the fuselage.

    No trouble so far. Everything fit snugly. However, I did have a bit of a problem adding the fairings on the tail fins. But I'm not blaming that on the model. I've always had problem wrapping fairings. :(

    In one of my earlier posts, I mentioned that this model had no provisions for having a spinning propeller. I hate fixed propellers! To get around that, made my own spinner shaft by rolling cardboard into a cylinder. I did the same thing with the rear propeller (of course! heheheh).

    Additionally, I've always had a hard time aligning the propeller blades and ensuring that they all had equal prop pitch settings. In the front propeller, I had to hold the blades in place using my fingers for about 20 minutes to ensure that they don't go out of alignment. (Not to mention that I also spent like 30 minutes twisting and aligning each blade beforehand. My eyes hurt a lot from squinting...)

    I didn't want that to happen again, so for the rear propellers, I tried to do a little improvisation. I stuck a little cylinder (made out of rolled cardboard) onto where the propeller blade will be attached. Those mini-cylinders will serve two purposes: to hold the blade in place, and to make it easier to adjust the pitch of each blade without breaking the alignment.

    Here's how the contraption looks like with the spinner cover assembled.

    Works perfectly! The blades fit so well and so snugly that I didn't even have to use glue! (But of course, I used glue in the end. :mrgreen:)

    Here's how the rear spinner looks like when attached to the fuselage tail section. Looking good!

    It spins!

    Finally, I glued the tail section to the main fuselage. I'll postpone attaching the front and rear spinners until I finish with the landing gear.

    NULLMOON Member

    i wanna see this finished:whip1::thumb:
  12. eric_son

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    Yesssss mastahhhhh..... We will work throughout the night...yesssss....
    We will complete my preciousssss... yesss.

  13. Gainer

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    Very in teresting and nice. I notice its in what looks like a RLM 76/82/83 scheme if im correct, looks very nice with the high contrast.
  14. eric_son

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    Here I am back from the grave! :twisted:

    Anyway, before my update, a little rant...
    How come the wife almost always times her "would you come over here and do this" requests when one is in the middle of holding together parts of a model while the glue dries?
    How come the wife ignores you when you're watching reruns of Mythbusters and Future Weapons, but when you resume work on a card model or start browsing the internet, she suddenly has some chores for you? (This caused the tail fin section of the fuselage to be slightly out of alignment when the glue dried :curse:.)

    Okay... end of rant.

    I finished making the wing spar assembly. Looks very sturdy! Also, this is the first time for me to see a wing spar/former that has a folded portion. IMO, very good idea! It does help ensure that the spars are aligned much better.

    But somehow, I have a very sneaky feeling with parts 20E and 20F. They seem to be a tad too wide for their own good. I'm going to use very little glue for these for the time being.

    Just as I had suspected! Parts 20E and 20F, which are meant to hold and align the wings are two wide. This has caused a very big gap in the belly of the fuselage. Good thing I used very little glue when joining those two parts. It should be easy to pry them apart with a knife.

    Here are the culprits!

    Oops... the baby is crying. Gotta go. More to come.


    NULLMOON Member

    :thumb:keep it going by this time i would have screwed it up and thrown it across the room.....oh wait i did:p
  16. Bowdenja

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    What if you glued those parts to the inside of the formers?...........

    Would they still be in the way?

  17. eric_son

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    Yep, they'd still be in the way. I did some measurements and saw that I had to remove 1mm from each edge of those parts to make wings join properly.

    Anyway, instead of trimming the edges from those parts, I decided to do away with them and attach the wings onto the fuselage directly. First, I will carefully align and glue the bottom part of the wing to the belly of fuselage. This should ensure that I don't get that unsightly cavity. This would also ensure that the wings are aligned.

    Wings done!

    Side shot.

    Camera focus is a bit off.... If I converted this to black & white, it would look like gun camera footage. :)

    I think parts 20E and 20F are not at fault. Instead, the culprit might be the belly joints of the wings. They are too short. I took a gamble of not using parts 20E and 20F so that I can ensure that the belly joints of the wings meet up. Because of that, the wings refuse to bend upwards. They're flat straight. If I bend them any further, the fuselage would start to buckle. :(
    Anyway, it still looks good...

    Aside from that, the rest of the wing parts fit perfectly!

    I can now start working on the undercarriage parts.

    NULLMOON Member

    :excited1::woot1: looking good
  19. Stev0

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    Way to muscle on with all the problems your managing to keep the build in line.
  20. dansls1

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    Looking good!

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