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    This weekend is the Doors Open event for Hamilton Ontario and Toronto's is the weekend of May 26th.
    This is my first time for Hamilton but I have been to Toronto's 3 times in past years. If you have a chance you should try to check one ( or both ) out.
    Doors Open is when industries, public and private business or institutions open their doors for the public to see what is behind the reception desk.
    This year Hamilton has access to the TH&B RR station, as well as the Imperial Cotton Mill on Sherman St. N.
    In the past Toronto had some 'doors open' looking into the John Street roundhouse as well as the Steam Whistle Brewery that leases some of the round house stalls. Other buildings have been the Don Jail, and buildings in Gooderman & Worts Distillery.
    Back in January I took some reference photos for future use of the cotton mill here are a couple plus some from the round house.

    Doors Open Ontario - Doors Open Hamilton 2007

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    looks like fun
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    Actually, the Doors Open programme is on until sometime in October, and is for all of Ontario, although individual attractions are open only on certain days. (Not necessarily throughout the summer for all.) I haven't seen the schedule, but my brother is trying to get a copy for me.
    I'm going with him on Saturday afternoon to see the TH&B station (only about a block from where I lived as a child) and the former power house at what was once the Westinghouse (later Camco) plant on Longwood road.
    If you're going to be in Hamilton on either Saturday or Sunday, the H.O.M.E.S. layout in nearby Stoney Creek is having what will probably be their last open house at their present location. They've received orders, from the landlord, to vacate. Admission is $5.00. I hope to be there Saturday morning with my wife and grandson.


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