Don't laugh too hard...It's my first attempt!

Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by Nazgul, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. thumsup

    thumsup Member

    I have enjoyed this thread to no end. Could there possibly be a book in the work?:twisted:

  2. TruckLover

    TruckLover Mack CH613 & 53' Trailer

    awwww man, I love this layout and it is truely AMAZING work Steve, but like Deano, I am VERY EXITED to see a shelf layout from you. Keep up the AWESOME work man and be careful when taking the layout down, its a delicate process :thumb: :thumb:
  3. ocalicreek

    ocalicreek Member

    I'm gonna write a longer reply a bit later, but for now I have to say just how great it has been watching you build this layout. What a journey! <sniff>
  4. Gary S.

    Gary S. Senior Member

    Steve! Are you craZy??? You're gonna tear the thing apart, after all this work??? The family got by for all the time you were building it, what's a few more decades added to that?

    I haven't replied in this thread lately, but I did keep an eye on the work. You have done well. Hate to even imagine you tearing it out.
  5. Russ Bellinis

    Russ Bellinis Active Member

    Wow, a couple of days ago one of the workmen doing the remodel on my house tripped over the box that makes the internet connection from the phone company to the dsl, and I lost internet. I get back on line and find out you're going to tear down your layout and start over! Take lots of pictures of it before you start demolition. Save as much as you can of the layout. Your track may come up without much difficulty if you used water soluable glue to ballast with just by soaking it with water and then lifting it when the ballast softens. Save your structures and trees for the next masterpiece. I think you will find an around the walls shelf layout very satisfying to operate.
  6. RonP

    RonP Member of the WMRC

    Wow i sure hope you can find someone to buy the layout. It sure would be a shame to have this baby die.

    I often thought about donating mine to a children's hospital or something like that someday.
  7. Nazgul

    Nazgul Active Member

    Thanks EVERYONE for the kind words:thumb:
    I learned a lot doing this and I hope that, if nothing else, this thread encouraged other "know-how challenged" modelers to jump in and give it a try:winker:.

    Ron...there was just no way to dismantle it a keep it in any kind of usable condition....that, however, is a fantastic idea!:thumb:

    It is all dismantled now, including the the family has the basement back. A few pics of the demolition are on the PHOTO PHUN thread:

    A shelf layout is still on my agenda....Some track planning still to do (yes it has started:twisted:) but as for when actual building will start, I just don't know (certainly not till after the holidays).

    For my part, this thread is complete. I don't really have anything to add and I will leave it as is.

    One last time:

    Thank you to everyone who posted to this thread and those poor souls who had to endure more than their fair share of PM's.

    Thank You!

    Take care:wave:
  8. steamhead

    steamhead Active Member

    Steve...It's sad to see a mound of refuse where a beautiful mine once stood. :sad:

    But....It's good to see your sense of humor is intact and that is a good sign. There's always a better (if different) day ahead. Keep visiting and keep us updated on your new project. :yep:

    Good luck..!! :thumb:
  9. CNWman

    CNWman CNW Fan

    Steve- you DID manage to salvage some things, like your tressle and bridge, right?
  10. jesso

    jesso Member

    Isn't it sad how quickly something comes apart that took a very long time to build? I'm glad that it still exists in pictures.
  11. swoffer

    swoffer New Member


    well, I had been watching the progress of this layout in secret... without posting... for about a 3/4 year or so... damn.. that is sad news to see it go.

    just thought you should know that your layout was being enjoyed, half-way round the world in sunny Durban, South Africa
  12. viperman

    viperman Active Member

    I'm sorry to revive an old thread, but this is the thread I was looking for. I've been getting bit by the bug to work on my layout for a while now, and am going to a show this upcoming weekend, depending on funeral plans. Sad to see you had to tear it all down, it really did look great, and gave me inspiration
  13. ScratchyAngel

    ScratchyAngel Member

    The legendary thread probably deserves another bump, and I'm not sorry. I wonder if the title should now be called "Don't cry too hard, it was fun!"

    It's sad to see that the foam-quake took down the mountains and that amazing water, and the bridge that wouldn't curve, but it's good to remember that we do it as long as it's fun for us and good with the family and the rest of life. If you compare it to the White River Northern or other stories, it actually ended happily as something worth doing and worth remembering.

    It's a good read starting out on a layout as a lesson in how to have the most fun while it is fun and not to dwell on it once it becomes an obligation. I do hope one day to see that a shelf layout works its way into the world. Thanks Steven for sharing all of this, and thank the rest of you for showing why this hobby can be so great.

    Coming to the end of it I can't help but wonder if it's like a perfect HO time-scale too. The first 87 years expanding, moving through the mountains building bridges, finding new ways to conquer obstacles to connect up the ends of the world, hitting a patch of financial reality, making do, refitting industry, then a fallen flag.

    I think the Twin River Branch of the Northern Pacific is worthy of being considered a noble fallen flag. Thanks for a fun ride.
  14. steamhead

    steamhead Active Member

    Amen to that....
  15. fsm1000

    fsm1000 Member

    Thanks for bringing this back up. It was {IS} one of my favorite posts. :)
  16. RonP

    RonP Member of the WMRC

    WoW, yup what he said... :thumb: Couldn't have said it better. I took me well over a week to be able to read this journey. Time well spent.

  17. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    ...and I continually refer newcomers to it to show what can be done in a year.
  18. Russ Bellinis

    Russ Bellinis Active Member

    I wonder if it would be in order to have this thread cleaned up with all posts that don't really contribute to the final product, you know the various "well done" or "Good job" type of post removed and then put this in the academy?
  19. RonP

    RonP Member of the WMRC

    I concur closing it too would be a good way of preserving the quality of it. Maybe all the comments could be removed to a separate thread. Either way it would be a great addition to the academy.
  20. tetters

    tetters Rail Spiking Fool!

    I also vote for the clean-up. However, it's nice to see everyone's enthusiastic replies and encouragement though. Yet, locking it and making it easier to read would be nice too.

    Kinda torn about the idea actually. :oops: wall1

    Its like tearing pages out of a really good book. Perhaps simply locking it would suffice and/or moving it to the Academy?

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