Don't laugh too hard...It's my first attempt!

Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by Nazgul, Jan 31, 2006.

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    I seem to remember (maybe) that you had both mining and logging on your layout. Maybe you should also think about adding a few company houses to the layout; you know, the "little people" need a place to live. I looked at these company houses for my layout:

    They are 3.5" x 2", so a rather small footprint.

    I liked you selections of other buildings; I think I looked at them as well. Keep up the good work!
  2. wickman

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    Bin thinking about your buildings Steve, have you given any consideration to Campbell kits they really are very nice and not really overly expensive.:wave:
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    I like the choices you presented from Walthers. But, they're all plastic kits. It may be worth your time to expand your modeling reperoire of skills and try a laser kit, or even a few older craftsman kits. I've been thinking along these lines and have a couple planned for my layout - an alpine models solder-together kit and a small cardstock and wood pipe supply yard kit (along with a whole host of structures to be scratchbuilt a la Robin - mostly cardstock!) Many laser kits from JL Innovative and others are very competitive cost-wise. And then there's Paper Creek. Perhaps the Randsburg Barber Shop? I've seen these kits in person (and talked with the owner) and they really are astounding. Just my thoughts.

    Here's hoping you feel better soon (and survive the family visit!)
  4. steamhead

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    Hey Steve,
    I agree with those that have expressed an inclination towards wood/cardstock kits. The engine house in my bridge thread is an old Sudyam kit I picked up on eBay and it's great...!!! Somehow, no matter how hard you try, plastic won't give you the look of "real" building materials.
    BTW, what did you use to weather that 0-8-0?? I wn't to give mine that kind ok look...
  5. joesho

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    i own the river road mercantile its a really easy kit only one thing requires gluing the snap together is quite fiddly,i echo every one else id say craftsman kits,there really not all that hard,also id recomend jl innovative there an exelent company,but thats just my oppinion:rolleyes: :D :D goldtoth1 :p
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    As long as kit recommendations are being posted, let me put in a plug for the company I am associated with, GCLaser. We are in the Walthers catalog, and also at We don't have anything "logging" as yet, but we do have a lot of detail, and general buildings.
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    Just heard about this site...could be fun, especially with a free download.
  9. Torpedo

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    They say designed to be printed on A4 paper. A cursory look at the site didn't reveal anything about printing on US letter size paper, although I don't think there is a great deal of difference in the two sizes. Might not matter. Then again, maybe it would.
  10. Nazgul

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    Wow!.....building choices have generated almost as much interest as curving girders......almost;). I am very happy to have the feedback and the opinions:thumb:. I am keeping an open mind to any and all possibilities. The structures that I have shown have the look of what I'm after but it doesn't mean that I will use these exact kits. Here's what I do know:
    I like the company houses and I have decided to try one (that will be the first kit). How that goes and how the finished product comes out will go a long way in determining what happens next. Just remember that I am in this for the long haul and I plan on enjoying and "improving" this layout for many years to come. So even the building that are chosen will be, at some point, modified or even replaced through the years as my tastes change and my modeling skill improves (hopefully). Anyway, I have been looking at all the sites that have been suggested and they all have structures that would look great on this layout:thumb:

    I managed to "sneak" down to the basement and run the trains one last time before I put them away in anticipation for the messy scenery work to come:cry:. That is always the hardest part of doing major scenery work....I can't run the trains!!!!!....I hate that!
    This section will be a transition to more rolling hills as opposed to the mountainous area to the left (west). It will also be a transition to more deciduous trees with a sprinkling of evergreens. That's the plan at least:D....but you know me and plans..........
    I will post some pics when I actually get something done or if I decide on any other structures.
    Again....thank you for all the is very helpful to see this "though other people's eyes"

    Gus...To answer your question about the weathering on the 0-8-0....I airbrushed the whole loco a very dark gray (mixed it myself) and then I used the same dark brown color I use on the rocks to simulate road dirt on the engine (Crafter's Edition camel). I just sprayed it very carefully and lightly over the lower portion of engine and tender....hope that helps:thumb:

    Take care:wave:
  11. steamhead

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    Thanks for the info. I'll put it in my "To Do" list. I also got to get some decals for the LC & P. I'm looking into that right now so I can tackle the whole project in one to speak...(Although I may tackle the Mike kit first...) :D

    Keep up the excellent work...!!! :thumb:
  12. Nazgul

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    THE KIT (plastic snap together).....on sale LHS $14.99

    Structures 105 small.jpg

    Structures 107 small.jpg

    Structures 115 small.jpg

    Structures 117 small.jpg

    Structures 122 small.jpg
    I still need window treatments and some signage (paint a few doorknobs etc)....I wasn't thrilled with what was included in the kit. Right now it is just snapped together and I still have to do the chimney and "disguise" the base.
    The weathering was the most time consuming part of this process (and most important) but it really is a pretty nice kit if you take your time:thumb:

    On another note...I hope to get started on the "landscaping" tomorrow:) (somebody threw out all the cardboard I've been saving:curse: )

    Take care:wave:
  13. steamhead

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    Hey..!! Glad to see you're back at work...That's one gorgeous little house. Those lace curtains really set it apart from others. Gives it that "lived-in" look. Were they part of the kit, or did you have to weave them yourself..?? Great job...!!!:thumb:
  14. wickman

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    I'm certainly impressed ,great job:wave:
  15. MilesWestern

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    GORGEOUS! :) You just gotta stop doing all this wonderful work, and let me cactch up to ya! ;) ...are you SURE you're not some John Allen incarnate? Have you done this before? It sure looks awesome! :thumb:
  16. UP SD40-2

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    Well Done!

    TRULY FANTASTIC STEVE!!!:thumb: :thumb: :thumb: if you wouldn't have mentioned it, i would have NEVER KNOWN that was a plastic kit;). the weathering on it is SLAP OUTSTANDING!:thumb: GREAT JOB STEVE!!!:thumb: :D -Deano
  17. 91rioja

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    Great to see you back in action. Love the new addition. Keep up the great work!
  18. Nazgul

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    Gus, Lynn, Miles, Deano, Chris....
    Thank you all very much. As each of you know, when you try something new, there's no telling how it is going to work just have to jump in feet first and hope for the best. In this case, I was relieved that the plastic could be made to look somewhat like wood without completely repainting the building and trim.

    Gus....The curtains came with the kit....they were the only ones I liked, so I have to find some more elsewhere.

    When your on a roll...keep rolling!!!

    BUILDING TWO...same as the first (plastic snap together)


    Structures 151 small.jpg

    Structures 153 small.jpg

    Structures 156 small.jpg

    Structures 157 small.jpg
  19. Nazgul

    Nazgul Active Member

    More pics:

    Structures 159 small.jpg

    Structures 161 small.jpg

    Structures 171 small.jpg

    Structures 167 small.jpg

    As with the first building, I still need to get window treatments , signage etc...

    Still trying to start scenery...........:cry:
    Take care:wave:
  20. UP SD40-2

    UP SD40-2 Senior Member

    Steve:wave:, i think your buildings are looking GREAT!!!:thumb: i keep looking at the close ups of those buildings, and i swear if you wouldn't have told me they were plastic kits, i never would have known;). REAL NICE JOB STEVE!!!:thumb::D cant wait to see how the scenery turns out. :D -Deano

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